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Handle political advisors' proposals more efficiently: official
China to strictly control new local gov't debts
China to further address income disparities
Wen: China ready to buy more from the US
Wen wants to discuss with critics face to face
Chongqing pressed to reflect on Wang Lijun incident
Wen says to allow non-public capital into financial sector
Wen urges to further promote social justice
China opposes clergy self-immolations to disrupt social harmony
Wen says to handle ex-tycoon death sentence based on facts

Wen: China has no self-interests in Syria
Wen: 7.5 pct GDP target not low
China not to loosen regulations on housing market
HK to elect chief executive with vast majority support
Common culture expected to resolve cross-strait political grouches
China needs political reform
Wen warns of another Cultural Revolution to happen
Wen willing to visit Taiwan after retirement
China needs to run own affairs well amid global downturn
RMB exchange rate approaching equilibrium

Wen urges cooperation to address trade imbalance with U.S.
Wen 'feels sorry' for China's problems in his term
Uncertainty remains for tobacco tax hike
489 motions submitted to China's parliamentary session
Premier Wen Jiabao meets the press
China's top legislature ends annual session
Proposal on lowering marriageable age stirs debate
Further revisions to Criminal Procedure Law amendment
Diplomat: China must avoid tug-of-war with the US
Hu Jintao meets PLA officers, professionals

Lawmaker calls for tougher penalties for illegal gender testing
Political advisor calls for more support for young entrepreneurs
Sany president: Time to invest in Europe
Pharmaceutical boss: cost cutting affects public health
Western route of water transfer project very much possible
Lawmaker suggests China keep death penalty
Si Fuchun wants Taijiquan on world heritage list
J-20 fighter expected to serve soon
Gov't could determine extent of wealth disclosure
Top political advisory body ends annual session

Central bank orders lending to first-home buyers
Chinese mainland, Taiwan keep currency settlement channels clear
Fiscal revenue growth decelerates as economy slows
No plan to issue larger denomination banknotes
Lowered RRR not to boost stock, property market
China to continue diversifying holdings of foreign bonds
Yuan more flexible, trade deficit welcomed
Slow world recovery and Europe form uncertainty
Central bank governor meets the press
Increasing IPR cases 'a result of awareness'

7 ministerial-level officials probed for corruption
176 Chinese procurators punished in 2011
China strengthens judicial protection of people's interests
Top procurator delivers work report
China vows to push forward judicial reform
China strengthens judicial protection of disadvantaged groups
Jiangsu deputies propose 'massacre denial' law
US trade move set to hit China's solar industry
Political advisor urges to promote cross-Strait ties
China's high-speed rail on right track

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