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Wen says to allow non-public capital into financial sector
Wen: 7.5 pct GDP target not low
China not to loosen regulations on housing market
RMB exchange rate approaching equilibrium
Wen urges cooperation to address trade imbalance with U.S.
Chinese confidence in Europe holds up
Sany president: Time to invest in Europe
RMB globalization 'unstoppable', but with speculative risks
Central bank orders lending to first-home buyers
Chinese mainland, Taiwan keep currency settlement channels clear

Fiscal revenue growth decelerates as economy slows
No plan to issue larger denomination banknotes
Lowered RRR not to boost stock, property market
China to continue diversifying holdings of foreign bonds
Yuan more flexible, trade deficit welcomed
Slow world recovery and Europe form uncertainty
Investment access set to widen
Aviation enterprises oppose EU carbon tax
China should mind grain production: minister
Qingdao ore terminal ready to open this year

Trade off to slow start but target 'achievable'
Official says China's trade surplus overvalued
China calls for transparency in US' ITEC operation
China, U.S.trade imbalance questionable
Official calls for reforms to help ease tax burden
Chinese companies can't return to Libya now
U.S. anti-subsidy duties not within WTO rules
China's foreign trade to slow to 7% in Jan-Feb
China mulling further property tax reform
Top planning official fields economic questions

China falls short in slashing energy use
Wen vows to boost ODI, foreign trade
China to further economic reform
Top economic planner takes blame for inflation
China to keep RMB exchange rate basically stable
Economic restructuring most pressing task
China targets 14% of M2 growth for 2012
China aims to increase exports, imports by 10%
China targets 4% consumer price rise this year
China pledges to develop non-public sector

China to deepen reform of financial systems
China's property market regulation to continue
China cuts GDP growth to 7.5% in 2012
China to continue fiscal, monetary policies
China's defense budget to grow 11.2% in 2012
China's submersible to try 7,000-meter dive in June-July
China develops bullet train for use in extreme cold
Reforming the yuan: no easy answers
China to change foreign trade growth pattern
China PMI reaches four-month high in Feb

China's capital account liberalization remains arduous
Bank acquisition a small purchase, but a big deal
China reiterates proactive fiscal policy
China reiterates proactive fiscal policy stance in 2012
China mulls law to regulate appraisal services
Protectionism and disputes 'will rise'
China articulates democratic and social advances amid slower growth
CSRC looks to reduce 'irrational' speculation
'Chance' to open capital account
Economy to grow by 8.5% in 2012

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