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If Nixon Is Willing to Come, I Am Ready to Hold Talks with Him
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(December 18, I970)

I welcome Nixon's winning the election. Why? There is a deceptive side of him as well, but there is less of it. Do you believe it? He is accustomed to use hard tactics, but sometimes also soft ones. If he wishes to come to Beijing, please tell him he should do it secretly, not openly-just get on a plane and come. It doesn't matter whether negotiations succeed or fail. Why should we maintain such a deadlock? However, there is no secret in the United States. If the president goes abroad, it is impossible to keep it secret. In coming to China, he is sure to declare his aim is to draw in China in order to make things difficult for the Soviet Union. Hence he does not dare to act this way at present. To punish the Soviet Union is disadvantageous to the U.S., and to punish China is equally disadvantageous.

One of our policies now is refusing to let Americans visit China. Is this policy correct? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should study it. Leftists, moderates and rightists should all be approved to come to China. Why the rightists? That is to say Nixon, who represents the monopoly capitalists. The reason is that the moderates and leftists are unable to solve any problem, and right now we must straighten things out with Nixon. We have to let him come as a matter of course.

He long ago wrote letters saying he would send a representative to China, which we didn't publish in order to keep them secret. He was not interested in the Warsaw talks and wished to negotiate with us personally. Therefore I say I am ready to hold talks with him if he is willing to come. It doesn't matter if the negotiations succeed or fail, if we quarrel or not, if he comes in the capacity of a tourist or the President. In short, either way will do. I don't think I shall quarrel with him, except to give him some criticism. We shall likewise make self-criticism, i.e. admit our mistakes and faults. For example, our production level is lower than that of the U.S., but nothing else.

It was proposed by Nixon himself that he send a representative to China for negotiations. Documents prove that he would like to negotiate in person either in Beijing or in Washington, without the knowledge of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs or going through the State Department in the U.S. It was extremely mysterious. It was not to be made known. Such information was to be kept top secret.

The U.S. will hold general elections in 1972. I reckon Nixon won't come himself, but may send someone to China during the first half of the year. If he wants to talk with us, that would be the time. He is reluctant to give up Taiwan while Chiang Kai-shek is still alive. What does he have to do with Taiwan? Taiwan's present situation was created by Truman and Acheson and followed by another President; only then did Nixon have any share in the Taiwan question. Then come Kennedy. Nixon visited Taiwan as Vice-President. He said there were more than ten million people in Taiwan, but I say there are over one billion people in Asia and 300 million in Africa, all rising in rebellion.

China and the U.S. will establish diplomatic relations sooner or later. Will China and the U.S. remain for 100 years without establishing relations? After al1, we haven't occupied your Long Island!

(PLA Daily)

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