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Selected works on diplomacy
- China and Pakistan Should Become Good Friends
- China Will Not Expand Outward
- Faith in Victory Is Derived from Struggle
- If Nixon Is Willing to Come, I Am Ready to Hold Talks with Him
- Imperialism Is Nothing to Fear
- India Is Not Enemy, But Friend
- International Issues Should Be Settled Through Joint Consultation
- On the Question of the Differentiation of the Three Worlds
- Talk with Edgar Snow on Taiwan and Other Questions
- Talk with Edward Heath
- Banner
- Insignia
- Sword
- The Uniform of Armed Forces
- Ranks in Army
- Ranks in Navy
- Ranks in Air Forces
- Composition of China's Armed Forces
National Anthem of China
March of the People's Liberation Army
Reviewing March (Orchestra)
Fighting Song of the People's Volunteers
Sunzi: The Art of War
Sunzi: The Art of War is the earliest and most valuable treatise on military science extant.
Introduction | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
- Soldiers Go Through Their Paces
- A Soldier's Images of the Xisha Islands
- The Anti-Japanese War (1937-1945)
- World Celebrations for the End of WWII
- Commemorating Korean War
- Toward A Nuclear-Free World
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