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China and Pakistan Should Become Good Friends
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(April 27, 1955)

Both China and Pakistan are countries in the East. There are many common points among Eastern countries, as all of them have been oppressed by Western countries. Among the countries in Asia and Africa only Japan is an industrialized country, but now it is in a difficult position. The recent Asian-African Conference was a success, its participating countries basically united. The communiqué of the conference was adopted not by a majority vote, but by consensus. Between China and Pakistan there has never been war, nor are there any disputes. Trade is going on. China and Pakistan should therefore become good friends.

If the Asian-African Conference had not been sponsored by the five Colombo countries but by China, it could not have been held. Those people believed in you, not in us, for ours is a country in which the Communist Party is in power. But we Communists are not like what the United States has depicted--people with disheveled hair, green faces and long teeth, fiendish creatures with three heads and six arms. We are reasonable people. As you have accepted U.S. military aid, India is afraid and we too are afraid. Ambassador Ahmed says that Pakistan will never use such military aid against India or other countries. It is good to have such assurance. Besides, your country has signed the Manila Pact. We are not afraid of Pakistan, Thailand or the Philippines, or even Britain and Australia, but the United states. Now we understand that when Pakistan joined the Manila Treaty bloc, it did so for fear of aggression from China. I hope you will gradually understand that China will not commit aggression against others. I also hope that misunderstandings between our two countries will be cleared up and relations between us will be improved. We have already established diplomatic and trade relations with Pakistan. Though diplomatic relations have not yet been established with Thailand and the Philippines, we hope our relations with those countries can also be improved. Premier Zhou Enlai had some contact with representatives of those countries during the Asian-African Conference.

China is ready to live together in peace with all countries, including the United States. In his statement Premier Zhou Enlai expressed our readiness to sit down to negotiations with the Americans. During the Asian-African Conference we talked about the Taiwan question to the five Colombo countries and Thailand and the Philippines. All questions should be resolved through negotiation, and it is not good to resort to fighting.

I hope Mr. Ambassador will soon settle down in Beijing and work for improvement of relations between our two countries; you can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if you have any difficulties. For our part, we shall enjoin the Chinese envoy and all the embassy staff in Pakistan to develop good relations with the government of Pakistan.

(PLA Daily)

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