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China's 1st Spacewalk
Fighting Floods in 2008
Sichuan Earthquake: Aftermath & Reconstruction
China's First Moon Orbiter
Shanghai: Financial Powerhouse on the Rise
Shougang Transforms Caofeidian
The 60th Founding Anniverary of the Inner Mongolia
From Wasteland to Bread Basket
Thallium Poisoning Case
Disaster Shakes Pu'er City
IPR Protection in China
Banana Virus Rumor
Fast Food Wage Scandal in S. China
Chongqing 'Nail House' Issue
The Four Seasons in Xinjiang
2006 NPC & CPPCC Sessions
Defeating Food Scares
Work Safety
Safety on Campus
Scandal-hit Leader in Taiwan Faces Impeachment
Qinghai-Tibet Railway
Tangshan Earthquake -- 30 Years On
Tropical Storm Bilis Hits S. China
Building a New Countryside
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Defeating Food Scares
China has been confronted with food security problems recently. Mandarin fish from Guangdong Province and turbot from Shandong were found to contain poisonous chemicals. And ducks and hens in Hebei Province were fed a red dye so that their red-yolk eggs would sell for a higher price.

Work Safety
Industrial accidents including blasts, cave-ins, fires and the like pose a threat to many workers. The issue of work safety has drawn nationwide attention and the government requires to do more to curb the situation.

HK | Macao | Taiwan
- HK poet wins int'l poetry prize
- Light aircraft crash accident in Taiwan kills 2
- Quake hits sea area off Taiwan
- Taiwan newspaper: Hu's cross-straits proposals positive
- Wisdom needed for brighter cross-Straits future
- Mainland marks 30th anniversary of major Taiwan policy change
Military Affairs
News | Photos
- Hu calls for 'new chapter' of air force development
- Airforce commander calls for peaceful use of space, air
- Air force 'no threat to others'
- PLA parade inspires female recruits
- China's first self-made medical ship
- Chinese peacekeeping police awarded UN medals
News | Photos
- China-made supercomputer to be installed in Shanghai
- Largest dinosaur fossil field discovered
- Facial emotional expressions innate, not learned
- Huge dinosaur fossils discovered in C China
- Steel structure installed at Zhongshan Station
- Robots competition concludes in Guangdong