Book Contents

Book Contents

- Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and the Chinese Dream - A Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects


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Key Quotes From Xi

Innovation is a complicated and systematic social program coveringall social and economic areas.
Eliminating poverty, improving living standards, and achieving common prosperity are the basic requirements of socialism and an important mission of the CPC.
Today we review our history not to take comfort in our successes, and not to look for excuses for evadingthe difficulties we currently face, but for the purpose of summingup experience, learning the laws of history, and giving ourselves thepower and courage to move forward.
We should make comprehensive moves to complete a moderatelyprosperous society in all respects, further reform, advancethe rule of law, and strengthen Party discipline.
The leadership of the CPC is essential to socialism with Chinesecharacteristics.
Great times make great people.



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