State Council's inter-agency task force briefing on COVID-19 vaccination for key groups

The State Council's inter-agency task force held a press conference in Beijing on Saturday to brief the media about issues regarding COVID-19 vaccination among key groups of the population. December 19, 2020

Southern Metropolis Daily:

We noticed that many foreign vaccine companies have disclosed the prices of their vaccines. In parts of China, the price is set at 200 yuan per dose. Will that price apply nationwide? Is there any possibility of a reduction of price in the future? Thank you. 

Zheng Zhongwei: 

I will briefly repeat what was introduced at the Oct. 20 press conference concerning this question. Vaccine pricing will be something that companies have the first say on, but several principles must be followed. First, vaccines should be provided as a public good, so pricing should be relative to manufacturing costs. Moreover, the price of the vaccine will vary depending on the scale of production and use. As vaccines are approved for conditional market launch, a corresponding price mechanism will be formed. Thank you. 

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