State Council's inter-agency task force briefing on COVID-19 vaccination for key groups

The State Council's inter-agency task force held a press conference in Beijing on Saturday to brief the media about issues regarding COVID-19 vaccination among key groups of the population. December 19, 2020

China News Service:

If people experienced severe adverse effects to the vaccine, would they receive compensation? In what form? How can people apply for compensation? Thank you. 

Zheng Zhongwei:

There has been a fairly complete management mechanism and system in China regarding the identification and compensation should severe adverse reactions to the vaccination be experienced. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, all localities in China have also formulated relevant systems for compensation. Regarding specific practical work, we have accumulated relatively good experience and foundation for properly dealing with the issue of compensation should a serious adverse reaction to the vaccination be experienced.

If severe adverse effects should occur related to the vaccinations, localities across China will deal with the issue according to the existing principles in place.

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