State Council's inter-agency task force briefing on ensuring services and supplies to people who stay put during the Spring Festival holiday

The State Council's inter-agency task force held a press conference in Beijing on Wednesday to brief the media about the circular on how to ensure services and supplies to people who stay put during the Spring Festival holiday. January 28, 2021

China Daily:

It seems that it is the first time in history that people have been encouraged to stay where they are for the Spring Festival holiday. Will more cultural and leisure products and services for people who do not return to their hometowns be provided, and how will a good atmosphere be created so that everyone feels at home if they choose to stay? Thank you. 

Zhao Chenxin:

Thank you for this very important question. We need to provide good services as people are advised to stay where they work during the holiday. We will offer more colorful cultural and sports-related activities so that people who stay during the holiday can feel at home, and enjoy a good new year's celebration. 

In order to create a good festive atmosphere and better meet the spiritual and cultural needs of those who stay during the Lunar New Year, it has been clearly stated that the supply of cultural and sports programs via the internet, TV, and radio be increased, as well as the provision of free online entertainment and free screenings of films for a limited time on video streaming apps. Under the premise of doing a good job of epidemic prevention and control, as well as implementing staggered appointments to limit the number of visitors, it is necessary to ensure set opening hours for public spaces and the supply of tourism products. The relevant departments are making full and thorough preparations in accordance with these requirements, and will solidly promote various measures to be put into practice so that people can enjoy these conveniences. 

First, in terms of enriching the supply of programs, we encourage art and theater troupes and groups in low-risk areas to increase the frequency of performances in spacious venues and conduct online broadcasts under the premise of effectively preventing and controlling the epidemic. We guide local satellite TV stations to arrange and broadcast a series of TV series, shows, galas, documentaries, cartoons, etc. of various themes and genres to meet the needs of people of different ages. There will also be many high-quality movies released during the Spring Festival holiday. 

Second, in terms of expanding online services, we encourage all localities to actively organize cloud theaters and live art broadcasts, encourage libraries, museums, theaters, and other public cultural venues to carry out online services, and encourage internet audio-and-video platforms to set up special channels or sections for the Spring Festival. We will also promote a variety of national fitness events and also advocate for fitness at home. Through these means, we should be able to meet the online and offline cultural and sports needs of the masses during the festival. 

Third, in terms of holiday travel, we encourage local governments to provide rich tourism products and holiday leisure activities such as rural tours and surrounding area tours dependent on actual conditions. Outdoor spaces such as parks and stadiums should be opened to better meet the needs of local tourism and leisure for those people who stay. At the same time, scenic spots should properly control the number of visitors, improve appointment management measures, and encourage tourists to travel in staggered groups. 

Fourth, there are also relevant requirements for epidemic prevention. We will supervise various public cultural venues to implement epidemic prevention and control requirements. Cinemas, theaters, and other entertainment venues in low-risk regions must open operate at less than 75 percent capacity. Measures for epidemic prevention such as health monitoring, disinfection of venues, and registering when entering public places must be effectively implemented to reduce the risks that may be posed by gatherings.

Relevant departments will resolutely follow the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council and do their best to ensure services and supplies to people who stay put for the Spring Festival holiday. We will try to make people feel at home, no matter where they are, so that the 2021 Spring Festival will still provide a happy and wonderful new year experience.

That's all I'll say. Thank you.

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