State Council's inter-agency task force briefing on ensuring services and supplies to people who stay put during the Spring Festival holiday

The State Council's inter-agency task force held a press conference in Beijing on Wednesday to brief the media about the circular on how to ensure services and supplies to people who stay put during the Spring Festival holiday. January 28, 2021

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How to ensure the supply of important domestic goods during the Spring Festival? Thank you.

Zhu Xiaoliang:

Thank you for your question. The Spring Festival is China's traditional peak season for consumption as well as a crucial period to ensure market supply, provide the conditions for people to celebrate the festival, and get off to a good start in economic development. This year's situation is special. To better contain the epidemic and implement disease control and prevention measures, more people have chosen to stay where they work during the Spring Festival, bringing new features to the consumption amid the holiday. This will also set new requirements for maintaining market supply. Attaching great importance to this issue and resolutely implementing the decisions and arrangements of the CPC and the State Council, the MOC has carefully analyzed the market situation and taken targeted measures in a timely manner. We have provided a systematic guide for all regions to carry out various measures and do everything possible to ensure market supply amid the holiday while taking strict disease anti-epidemic measures. 

First, we have intensified the organization and delivery of goods for our people to have a carefree Spring Festival. According to the changing situations, we will work with relevant departments to release 20,000 to 30,000 tons of meat from central reserves every week to add to the market supply during the Spring Festival. We have arranged all regions to scientifically predict the needs of the people who stay where they work during the holiday and release the local reserves in accordance with the actual situation. We have guided and urged large circulation enterprises to adapt to the new changes of this year's consumption market during the Spring Festival to ensure the security of supply and demand as well as the production, sale of, and dispatching of goods. In light of recent key areas in epidemic prevention and supply maintenance, we have arranged key supply maintenance enterprises to ensure access to goods and stand ready for emergency transportation of them. We have guided and coordinated relevant areas to establish and improve joint maintenance and control mechanisms across nearby regions.

Second, we have taken measures to ensure transportation and procurement channels are unblocked so that people are able to shop comfortably. By cooperating with the relevant enterprises, we have unblocked both the main channels and the micro-circulation of domestic materials. We have also made sure that service networks, such as wholesale markets for key agricultural and sideline products, restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets, will stay open and extend their opening hours during the Spring Festival, and offline daily consumption will be made more convenient. E-commerce platforms and logistics enterprises are asked to not stop deliveries to meet reduced-contact consumption needs. 

Third, we have tracked and released market information so that our people can consume assuredly. We have conducted dynamic monitoring in 185 large-scale agricultural product wholesale markets regarding their business volumes and wholesale prices. We have launched 36 daily report mechanisms for market supply situations in large and medium-sized cities to monitor and deal with unusual situations such as market fluctuations. We have published supply and demand information through multiple channels to strengthen public opinion guidance, stabilize social expectations, and boost consumer confidence. 

Fourth, we have provided supplementary activities and services so that people can spend a heartwarming Spring Festival wherever they may be. We will hold a national online New Year's shopping festival, coordinated online and offline, to carry out various promotional activities full of festival air. All regions and enterprises are encouraged to provide warm activities such as gift bags and on-duty "red pockets" for people in difficulty, vulnerable groups, and people who stay where they work for the Spring Festival, in order to raise people's sense of gain and happiness in spending the holiday amid the epidemic. 

On the day before yesterday, the MOC issued a work notice, and tomorrow we will hold a national video conference to mobilize and arrange the next step in market supply maintenance. We hope that through our work the people will have a carefree, comfortable, and heartwarming Spring Festival. Thank you.

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