State Council's inter-agency task force briefing on ensuring services and supplies to people who stay put during the Spring Festival holiday

The State Council's inter-agency task force held a press conference in Beijing on Wednesday to brief the media about the circular on how to ensure services and supplies to people who stay put during the Spring Festival holiday. January 28, 2021

Xinhua News Agency:

After the proposal of staying put for the Spring Festival, more people will remain in cities, and transportation needs will increase. What measures will the relevant departments take to ensure safe and convenient transportation? Thank you.

Wang Yang:

Thank you for your question. More people will answer the call to stay put during the Spring Festival and remain in the cities, and the need for transportation will increase. To ensure safe and convenient travels, we will focus on the following aspects. 

First, we have taken regular epidemic prevention and control measures. In light of this Spring Festival's epidemic prevention and control situation and summarizing the past experience in regular epidemic prevention and control, the MOC has raised the standards in epidemic prevention and control and adopted a region-specific and multi-level approach. We have specifically made the Guidelines on a Region-specific and Multi-level Approach to Epidemic Control and Prevention in Transportation Stations and Vehicles. We have guided the passenger transportation enterprises in cities to strictly implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and prevent epidemic transmission through urban transportation by taking measures of scientific organization and dispatch, increased capacity allocation, and the strict control of load rates. 

Second, we have reinforced transportation service security. We have guided local transportation departments to make full use of technological methods such as big data to strengthen scientific analysis of cities' transportation needs, and monitor passenger flow in real-time. City buses, rail transportation, and taxi enterprises have been ordered to reasonably adjust their transportation capacities and operation hours in a way that meets the travel demands for shopping, relaxation, and entertainment of those people who do not return to their hometowns during the Spring Festival. 

Third, we will meet the daily travel demands of the elderly. In order to make travelling easier for seniors, my ministry will implement the plan issued by the General Office of the State Council to help seniors overcome barriers to using smart technologies. We will strengthen traditional mobility services while also promoting smart services, and improve our measures in checking up passengers' health code in urban transport. We will also help major car-hailing platforms to optimize their "one-click car-hailing" function to provide convenience for seniors, and call on taxi drivers not to ignore elderly people trying to hail a taxi on the street when they have not booked a service in advance.

The Spring Festival is a time for celebrations. During the holiday, we will continue to prioritize workplace safety. Along with other related departments, we will organize safety inspections, eliminate safety hazards in time, and urge local authorities to perform their regulatory responsibilities and for businesses to fulfill their primary responsibilities in ensuring workplace safety. We will also improve safety awareness among drivers, ensure vehicles are kept in good condition, strengthen our dynamic monitoring of vehicles in motion, preserve order of stations in order to guarantee safety and order of urban transportation during the holiday.

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