English:Brother Sharp

Chinese:犀利哥(xī lì gē)

"Brother Sharp" is the nickname of a homeless man who became famous because of his good looks and dress sense. [Full story]
'Brother Sharp' hot on the Net

material girl

English:material girl

Chinese:拜金女 (bài jīn nǚ)

Ma Nuo, 22, a model from Beijing, told a jobless man who invited her to ride on his bike that she would rather cry in a BMW. [Full story]
Money worship show stings traditional love values


Chinese:织围脖(zhī wéi bó)

Much the same as Twitter, microblogs allow users to post messages of 140 Chinese characters or less via the Web, SMS or MMS. [Full story]
Microblogging changes life: survey


Chinese:给力 (gěi lì)

"Geili" literally means "to give power" but is now accepted as an adjective describing something "cool" or "awesome". [Full story]
The rise of Net buzzword 'gelivable'
My father is Li Gang!

English:My father is Li Gang!

Chinese:我爸是李刚! (wǒ bà shì lǐ gāng)

"My Father is Li Gang!" became one of  the most popular catchphrases in China after a hit-and-run scandal. [Full story]
Drunken driver boasts father is a police official
ant tribe

English:ant tribe

Chinese:蚁族 (yǐ zú)

"Ant tribe" refers to recent graduates who crowd into slums in big cities in search of work.  [Full story]
 • 1 million 'ants' struggling in cities: Survey
Kidding Mungbean, Brutal Garlic and Mad Corn

English:kidding mungbean, brutal garlic and mad corn

Chinese:豆你玩,蒜你狠,玉米疯(dòu nǐ wán, suàn nǐ hěn, yù mǐ fēng)

Humorous terms that express the rage and resignation of consumers faced with crazy food prices. [Full story]
China's veggie prices up 62.4%


Chinese:伪娘 (wěi niáng)

Liu Zhu, 19, rose to stardom overnight after his cross-dressing performance on a TV show. [Full story]
Cross-dressing Boy stirs up debate on gender
Xiao Yueyue

English:Xiao Yueyue

Chinese:小月月(xiǎo yuè yue)

"Xiao Yueyue" rose to fame after a friend blogged about her bizarre behavior on a shopping trip to Shanghai. [Full story]
• Sizzling online saga gets bigger, juicier
Lamb Style

English:lamb style

Chinese:羊羔体 (yáng gāo tǐ)

Became a buzzword after an official whose name sounds like the Chinese word for lamb controversially won the Lu Xun Prize for a poem that was panned by critics. [Full story]