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News from the front line
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Original blog link: http://teamickey.blog.163.com/blog/

Blog text (translated from original Chinese):

The scene is too terrible to see. Premier Wen who is more than sixty-years can not stop crying. The place they just cleared has collapsed again.

The unfortunate weather is still raining, and soldiers were ordered to continually rescue victims at any cost in the rain.

I am on the scene.

I am in Dujiangyan City.

It is hard to transport relief staff and supplies into disaster area due to damaged road.

We are not allowed to leave for Wenchuan.

All the communication to Wenchuan has been cut off. I do not know the situation on the ground, but Premier Wen has ordered soldiers into Wenchuan no matter in what way and at what price.

Airplane cannot land because of the bad weather and parachutists will go in.

Drops of supplies are being made to Wenchuan.

300 buried students are in danger. The rescue failed again, and Premier Wen is now arranging another relief.

Oh my god, Premier Wen is falling down.

I am sending photos to Beijing.

My colleague and I turn on 9 laptops and sent message at the same time.

The wire speed of chat tool QQ (Chinese equivalent of MSN) is so slow at the key moment.

Commandos are going into action again.

You would cry to see the state of Premier Wen right now.

Premier Wen pushes away medical staff who wants to tape up for him when his arm is bleeding.

Good news: found a student!

Premier is going to a collapsed place to give help.

Xiang'e'xiang Middle School

Someone is pulled out and doctor is rescuing.

There not enough relief staff from army.

Traffic situation is so bad.

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