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Timeline: Terror in Xinjiang
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On March 22, two armed and masked terrorists broke into the home of Hakimsidiq Haji, vice chairman of the Islamic Association of Xinhe County, Aksu Prefecture and assistant imam of a mosque, and shot him dead.

On April 29, a dozen armed-to-the-teeth terrorists broke into the homes of Qavul Toqa, a National Committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and deputy to the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People's Congress at Qunas Village of Alaqagha Township in Kuqa County, and three local Uygur grassroots officials, committing bloody violence by means of explosion, shooting and stabbing. The terrorists threw two bombs into Qavul Toqa's home, seriously injuring him and his wife. Avul Toqa, Qavul Toqa's younger brother, was stabbed to death with seven wounds, and his wife was first stabbed then shot to death. Anvar Qavul, Qavul Toqa's son, died of nine stab wounds and a shot to the head, and his wife died of eight stab wounds and two shots to the head. Javup Muhammatman, a village official, received serious stab wounds.

On May 12, terrorists slew Arunhan Aji, the chief mullah of Id Kah Mosque and concurrently vice chairman of the Xinjiang Regional Committee of the CPPCC.

On August 27, six terrorists in combat fatigues drove to the office building of the Jangilas Township People's Government, Yecheng County, where they cut the telephone lines and killed a deputy head of the township and a policeman on duty. Afterwards, they kidnapped three security men and one waterworks tender in a village of the same township, and later killed them in the desert 10 kilometers away.


From February 5 to 8, the "East Turkistan Islamic Party of Allah" and some other terrorist organizations perpetrated the Yining Incident, a serious riot during which the terrorists shouted slogans calling for the establishment of an "Islamic Kingdom." They attacked innocent people, destroyed stores and burned and otherwise damaged cars and buses. During this incident seven innocent people were killed, more than 200 people were injured, more than 30 vehicles were damaged and two private houses were burned down. The terrorists attacked a young couple on their way home, knifing the wife to death after disfiguring her and severely injuring the husband. A staff member of a township cultural station was stabbed to death and then thrown into a fire.

On February 25, directing its terrorist activities to the capital of Xinjiang again, the "East Turkistan" terrorist organization blew up three buses (Buses No. 2, No. 10 and No. 44) in Urumqi. Nine people died and 68 others were seriously injured in the incidents, among whom were people of the ethnic Uygur, Hui, Kirgiz and Han origins.

On March 23, a gang of terrorists, led by Tursun Turdi, gatecrashed into the home of Omarjan, manager of the Jinyinchuan Reclamation Area of Aksu Prefecture, killing him and his wife.

In March, "East Turkistan" terrorists opened fire at the Chinese embassy in Turkey, and attacked the Chinese consulate-general in Istanbul, burning the Chinese national flag flying there.

On June 4, four terrorists broke into the home of Muhammat Rozi Muhammat, an official of Huangdi Village of Aqik Township in Moyu County, Hotan Prefecture, and killed him with 11 stab wounds.

On July 3, the same gang stormed into the home of Turdi Niyaz, a village official of Bashereq Township in Avat County, killing him and his wife.

On November 6, a terrorist group headed by Muhammat Tursun, at the order of the "East Turkistan" organization abroad, shot and killed Yunus Sidiq Damolla, a member of the Islamic Association of China and of the Islamic Association of Xinjiang, chairman of the Islamic Association of Aksu and imam of the Mosque of Baicheng County.

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