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Timeline: Terror in Xinjiang
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On January 27, terrorists shot and killed Abliz Haji, executive committee member of the CPPCC Yecheng County Committee and imam of the county's Great Mosque.

From January 30 to February 18, members of the "East Turkistan Liberation Organization" were responsible for 23 poisoning cases in Kashgar City. One innocent person died as a result, and four others suffered serious effects.

From February 22 to March 30, the "East Turkistan" terrorist organization set off a succession of six explosions in Yecheng County, Kashgar Prefecture, injuring three people and causing a natural gas pipeline to explode and start a big fire.

On March 5, "East Turkistan" terrorists launched a bomb attack against the Chinese consulate-general in Istanbul.

On May 23, making over 40 chemical combustion devices in a very short time, terrorists attempted to set ablaze simultaneously in 15 places of brisk commercial activities.

From January 30 to February 18, terrorists staged 23 cases of poisoning in Kashgar, resulting in four suffering from poisoning, one person and many cattle poisoned to death.

On April 7, the same terrorist organization engineered eight explosions one after another at places such as the homes of a director of the Public Security Bureau of Yecheng County, a vice chairman of the Yecheng County Committee of the CPPCC and a deputy commissioner of Kashgar Prefecture. The explosions injured eight people.


On August 23, a dozen of terrorists led by Yasin Muhammat broke into the home of Hudaberdi Tohti, political instructor of the police station of Bosikem Township in Zepu County, Kashgar Prefecture, killing Hudaberdi Tohti with 38 stab wounds and his son with a shot to the head. Then the terrorists set Tohti's home on fire, causing serious burns to his wife.

On October 11, three terrorists put three ignition devices in cotton heaps at the cotton purchasing station of the Hotan City Cotton and Hemp Company.

On October 24, terrorists attacked the police station in Saili Township, Zepu County, with guns, machetes, incendiary bottles and grenades. They shot one member of a local security guard dead and wounded another, wounded a policeman and killed a criminal suspect in custody. After that, they burned ten rooms, one jeep and three motorbikes belonging to the police station.


On January 25, terrorists besieged two families of the Han origin in Wushi County, resulting in a big casualty of seven deaths and two injuries with the youngest child being only of two years old.

On January 26, terrorists killed a Han resident aged 60 in Xinhe County.

In March, Nighmet Bosakof, president of the Kyrgyzstan "Uygur Youth Alliance," was shot dead in front of his house by members of a terrorist organization named the "East Turkistan Liberation Organization" because he had refused to cooperate with them.

In May, members of the "Uygur Liberation Organization" beyond the boundaries extorted US$100,000 as ransom after kidnapping a Xinjiang businessman, murdered his nephew, and set the Bishkek Market of Chinese Commodities on fire. On May 25, 2000, terrorists attacked the work team of the Xinjiang regional government who went to Kyrgyzstan to deal with the above case, causing one death and two injuries. The culprits then fled to Kazakhstan, killing two Kazakhstan policemen who were searching for them in Alma-Ata in September the same year.

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