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5月23日,国务院总理李克强在巴基斯坦参议院大厅发表演讲。[新华社 马占成 摄]

5月23日,国务院总理李克强在巴基斯坦参议院大厅发表演讲。[新华社 马占成 摄]
Making New Progress in Growing
China-Pakistan All-Weather Friendship
中华人民共和国国务院总理 李克强 Speech by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang
at the Senate of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
(2013年5月23日,伊斯兰堡) Islamabad, 23 May 2013
Your Excellency Senate Chairman Bokhari,
Your Excellency National Assembly Speaker Mirza,
Your Excellencies Members of the Senate,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
大家好! Good morning.
在中巴建交62周年之际,有幸访问美丽的巴基斯坦,并应邀在参议院演讲,我十分高兴。首先,我代表中国政府和人民向兄弟的巴基斯坦人民致以最亲切的问候和最美好的祝愿!向长期以来致力于中巴友好的各界朋友表示衷心感谢和崇高敬意! I am so glad to visit the beautiful country of Pakistan on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of China-Pakistan diplomatic relations and it is a great honor to address the Senate of Pakistan. First of all, I wish to extend, on behalf of the Chinese government and people, our warmest greetings and best wishes to the brotherly Pakistani people. I wish also to express our heartfelt thanks and pay high tribute to friends from all sectors of Pakistani society who have worked so hard over the years to promote friendship with China.
这是我第二次访问巴基斯坦。27年前,我曾率中国青年代表团访问贵国,接触了巴基斯坦不少领导人和普通民众,几乎每次离别时大家都用乌尔都语对我说“中巴友谊万岁”。这次来访,我们受到贵国政府和人民的热情接待,再次感受到巴基斯坦人民发自内心的兄弟情谊。我深深体会到,中巴友谊坚如磐石,历久弥新。 This is my second visit to Pakistan. Twenty-seven years ago, I led a Chinese youth delegation on a visit to Pakistan and met with both government leaders and ordinary people in this country. Every time we parted, they would always say to me: "Chin-Pak dosti zandabad (Long live China-Pakistan friendship)!" Having received such gracious hospitality from the Pakistani government and people during my current visit, I am once again deeply moved by the outpouring of fraternity from the Pakistani people. This experience has strengthened my conviction that China-Pakistan friendship is rock-firm and full of vitality.
巴基斯坦是一个有着悠久历史和灿烂文化的伟大国家。当世界许多地方还处于文明萌芽阶段的时候,这片土地就孕育了璀璨夺目的古代文明。古老的摩亨佐·达罗古城遗址,美妙的犍陀罗艺术,神奇的拉合尔古堡,宏伟的巴德夏希清真寺,无不展现着巴基斯坦文化的丰富多彩与精妙绝伦。这片土地上的人民勤劳智慧勇敢,千百年来虽历经战乱和灾害,但始终坚忍不拔,自强不息,不断创造出一个又一个奇迹。建国60多年来,巴基斯坦政府和人民妥善应对各种严峻挑战,在建设国家和振兴民族事业中取得了令人瞩目的成就。我们为此感到由衷高兴,同时也真诚希望兄弟的巴基斯坦人民在国家发展的道路上越走越好。 Pakistan is a great country with a time-honored history and a brilliant culture. When civilization was still in its infancy in many parts of the world, a splendid civilization had already risen on this land. The ancient ruins of Mohenjo-daro, the exquisite art of Gandhara, the legendary Lahore Fort and the magnificent Badshahi Mosque stand testimony to Pakistan's rich and fascinating culture. The people of this land are hard-working, talented and courageous. Despite conflicts and disasters they suffered from in the past centuries, they have forged ahead with tenacity and fortitude and created one miracle after another. Since the founding of Pakistan over 60 years ago, the Pakistani government and people have successfully met grave challenges and made remarkable achievements in national development and renewal. We salute your success from the bottom of our heart and sincerely hope that the brotherly Pakistani people will make even greater progress in their development endeavors.
巴基斯坦积极参与地区和国际事务,致力于维护地区和世界的和平稳定,国际影响力不断提高,成为在亚洲乃至世界发挥重要作用的国家。巴基斯坦是伊斯兰会议组织重要成员,在伊斯兰世界有较大影响。巴基斯坦积极参与南亚区域合作进程,主张通过和平对话解决矛盾和分歧,同南亚国家共同努力促进地区繁荣与发展,为维护地区和国际安全做出了突出贡献。你们的努力赢得了国际社会的肯定和尊重,我们愿意看到巴基斯坦在地区和国际事务中发挥重要的建设性作用。 Pakistan is actively involved in regional and international affairs and committed to upholding regional and world peace and stability. With growing international standing, Pakistan is playing an important role in both Asia and the world at large. As an important member of the OIC, Pakistan is an influential country in the Islamic world. Pakistan has taken an active part in the regional cooperation process of South Asia. It stands for resolving differences through peaceful dialogue and works with other countries in South Asia to promote prosperity and development in this region, thus contributing greatly to regional and international security. These efforts have won Pakistan recognition and respect from the international community. We are happy to see Pakistan playing an important and constructive role in regional and international affairs.
女士们,先生们! Ladies and Gentlemen,
中巴友好交往源远流长,古老的丝绸之路早就把我们连结在一起。中国东晋高僧法显和唐代高僧玄奘曾先后来巴取经讲学,在两国友好交往史上留下了脍炙人口的佳话。1951年中巴正式建交,开启了两国友好关系的新纪元。62年来,中巴全天候友谊和全方位合作,经受住了国际风云变幻的考验,堪称国与国交往的典范。中巴关系的宝贵经验是弥足珍贵的精神财富,值得永远发扬光大。 China-Pakistan friendly exchanges are rooted in history. The ancient Silk Road connected us together. Two eminent Chinese monks, Fahien in the East Jin dynasty and Huen Tsang in the Tang dynasty, studied and taught Buddhism in Pakistan, marking an important page in the friendly exchanges between our two countries. The formal establishment of China-Pakistan diplomatic ties in 1951 ushered our friendly relations into a new era. In the 62 years since then, the all-weather friendship and all-round cooperation between China and Pakistan have stood the test of the changing global environment and set a fine example for the growth of state-to-state relations. The following experience we have gained in growing China-Pakistan relations is an invaluable asset for both countries and should be carried into the future.
——两国交往肝胆相照。中巴都是讲原则、重信义的国家,我们彼此尊重,坦诚相待,高度互信。半个多世纪来,中巴友好关系不受国际形势变化的干扰,不受国内政治变化的影响,代代相传,一以贯之,始终向前发展。中巴两国是患难之交,是信义之交,是兄弟之交。正如巴基斯坦朋友说的那样,“宁舍金子,不舍中巴友谊”。 - We treat each other with sincerity. Both China and Pakistan stand firm on principle and act in good faith. We respect each other, treat each other with sincerity and enjoy a high degree of mutual trust. Over the past half century and more, China-Pakistan friendly relations have grown in strength from one generation to another, regardless of any change in the international environment or domestic politics. Ours is a brotherly friendship that has been tested by times of difficulty and forged by mutual trust. As our Pakistani friends eloquently put it, "We can give up gold, but not our friendship."
——两国合作互助共赢。中巴两国同呼吸,共命运,有福同享,有难共当,情同手足。我们不会忘记,在事关中国核心利益问题上,巴基斯坦始终毫不犹豫地给予中方宝贵支持;我们不会忘记,上世纪60年代,巴基斯坦航空公司率先开通中国航线,还打出一个响亮的口号“巴航,首先到中国”,为中国提供了通往世界的“空中走廊”;我们不会忘记,在中国汶川发生特大地震后,巴基斯坦拿出全部储备帐篷,第一时间向中方提供援助。同样,在巴基斯坦捍卫国家主权和独立的紧要关头,在巴基斯坦推动经济社会发展的重要阶段,在巴基斯坦维护地区安全的重要时刻,中国政府和人民始终不渝地同巴方站在一起。 - We support each other and cooperate for mutual benefit. China and Pakistan share the same destiny. We stand together in both good and hard times and treat each other as brothers. We will never forget that on issues concerning China's core interests, Pakistan has always given China unreserved and valuable support. We will never forget that in the 1960s, Pakistani International Airlines (PIA), with a resounding statement, "PIA, First to China", launched the first flight to China, which served as an air corridor linking China with the outside world. And we will never forget that after a massive earthquake hit China's Wenchuan in 2008, Pakistan immediately provided all of its tents in reserve as well as other relief supplies to China. On our part, the Chinese government and people have always stood firmly on the side of Pakistan during the crucial and difficult times when Pakistan was endeavoring to uphold its sovereignty and independence, promote economic and social development, and maintain regional security.
——两国友好深入人心。中巴友好有着深厚而广泛的民意基础,深深扎根于两国人民心中。中国的广大网民在互联网上亲切地称巴基斯坦为“巴铁”,意思是巴基斯坦是中国“像钢铁一样坚固牢靠的朋友”。不少巴基斯坦人也常说,“如果你爱巴基斯坦,也请你爱中国”。发生在巴基斯坦的一则故事也深深感动了13亿中国人民:在吉尔吉特市郊有一座中国烈士陵园,安葬着为援建巴境内喀喇昆仑公路而牺牲的140多名中国工人。多位普普通通的巴基斯坦人自愿无偿承担起看护陵园的责任,一干就是30多年。其中一位守陵人几年前不幸病逝,他的孩子义无反顾地接过护陵的使命,当年陵园里的小树如今已长成郁郁葱葱的参天大树。我们为有巴基斯坦这样的真朋友、为这样代代相传的真诚友谊而感动和自豪! - We have forged close friendship based on popular support. China-Pakistan friendship is built on a profound and broad popular basis, and it is deeply rooted in the hearts of the two peoples. Chinese netizens refer to Pakistan by the endearing name of "Iron Pak", which means Pakistan is a friend as firm and solid as iron to China. In Pakistan, people often say, "If you love Pakistan, please also love China." And here is a story that has deeply moved the 1.3 billion Chinese people: Near the city of Gilgit, there is a Chinese cemetery where over 140 Chinese workers who lost their lives in the construction of the Pakistani section of the Karakorum Highway (KKH) are buried. For over 30 years, some Pakistanis volunteered to work as cemetery keepers. One of them passed away due to illness a few years ago, but his child immediately took over as the new keeper of the cemetery. Today, the young saplings in the cemetery have grown into towering trees. We are truly proud to have such a devoted and enduring friend in Pakistan.

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