Li Keqiang: Greetings across rivers and mountains

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国务院总理李克强25日在中东欧国家媒体发表题为《跨越千山万水的问候——写在第二届中国—中东欧国家领导人会晤即将举行之际》的署名文章。全文如下: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang published an article on major news media of Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries on Nov. 25. The following is the full text of the article titled "Greetings across rivers and mountains":
中国与中东欧国家虽远隔万里,但我们的心是相通的。20多年前,我曾访问一些中东欧国家,留下了深刻印象。11月26日,中国-中东欧国家领导人会晤和第三届中国-中东欧国家经贸论坛开幕式将在布加勒斯特举行,我将出席这两场会议并访问罗马尼亚,期待与16国领导人就未来一段时期各领域合作共商大计,与各界人士深入交流。在即将启程之际,我谨代表中国人民向中东欧国家人民致以亲切问候。 Though thousands of miles apart, the hearts of the Chinese people and the people of Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries are linked to each other. My visit to some CEE countries over 20 years ago left a deep impression on me. The Meeting of Heads of Government of China and CEE Countries and the opening ceremony of the Third Economic and Trade Forum between the two sides will be held on Nov 26 in Bucharest. I will attend the two meetings and visit Romania. I look forward to discussing with leaders of the 16 countries plans for future cooperation in all fields and having in-depth exchanges with people from various sectors of these countries. Before embarking on my journey, I wish to extend, on behalf of the Chinese people, cordial greetings to the people of CEE countries. 
中国与中东欧国家相互尊重、相互支持,结下了深厚的传统友谊。60多年前新中国诞生时,中东欧国家率先承认,开启了彼此友好合作的新篇章。长期以来,无论是遇到自然灾害还是经济困难,我们之间都能及时伸出援手,雪中送炭。这份患难与共的情谊将永远铭刻在中国和中东欧国家人民心中。进入21世纪,中国的改革开放进入新阶段,中东欧国家经济转轨取得积极成效,相互关系在新的历史条件下焕发出新的生机。近年来,我与不少中东欧国家领导人在多个场合经常见面,互致贺电、贺信,建立了良好个人关系。相信我这次访问将加深同16国领导人的相互了解和彼此国家间的合作。 With mutual respect and mutual support, China and CEE countries have forged a deep traditional friendship. When the People's Republic of China was founded over 60 years ago, CEE countries were among the first to recognize it, thus starting a new era of friendship and cooperation. Over the years, we have always rendered each other most needed assistance in times of natural disasters and economic difficulties. This profound friendship of sharing weal and woe will be forever cherished in the heart of our people. In the 21st century, China's reform and opening-up has entered a new stage and the economic transition in CEE countries has produced positive results. Our relations show greater vitality under the new historical conditions. In recent years, leaders of CEE countries and I have met often on numerous occasions, exchanged correspondence of congratulations, and established good personal relations. I am convinced that my visit this time will help deepen the mutual understanding between us and advance cooperation between China and the 16 CEE countries.


In 2012, economic cooperation between China and CEE countries delivered encouraging results, with two-way trade surpassing US$50 billion. China sent more than 100 trade and investment promotion missions to the CEE region to promote cooperation with the relevant countries in food, mechanical and electrical products, new energy and other fields. The signing of local currency swap agreements with Hungary and Albania has made financing and trade settlement easier for the companies of the two sides. China has conducted productive exchanges with Romania and other countries in crop plantation and plant breeding, and expanded cooperation with CEE countries in infrastructure development. The Belgrade bridge over the Danube is now a symbol of China-Serbia friendship. The China-CEE countries local leaders' meeting held in Chongqing last July attracted the participation of some 600 enterprises and over 1,000 representatives from various countries, giving new impetus to local exchanges and bringing tangible benefits to the people.
目前,中国与中东欧国家贸易额仅相当于中欧贸易总额的1/10,扩大彼此务实合作潜力巨大。我们都经受住了国际金融危机以及欧债危机的考验,经济增长总体企稳。我们都属于新兴市场,面临着经济转型创新的共同任务。中国正在实施向西开放战略,企业走出去步伐加快。中东欧国家越来越重视向东开放,不少企业瞄准亚太和中国市场。我们不谋而合,相向而行,经贸合作焕发出旺盛活力,展现出一系列新的增长亮点。 As it stands now, trade between China and CEE countries is only equivalent to 1/10 of China-EU trade, and there remains huge potential to be tapped in expanding practical cooperation between the two sides. China and CEE countries have both weathered the storm of the international financial crisis and the European debt crisis, and our economies are both growing steadily. Being emerging markets, we all face the task of achieving economic transition and innovation. China is implementing the strategy of westward opening, and Chinese companies are entering the global markets at a faster pace. Countries in the CEE region are also paying more attention to opening to the east, and many companies are now turning their eyes to the Asia-Pacific and Chinese markets. Such a shared vision has enabled our economic cooperation to thrive and prosper, and has produced new highlights of growth in cooperation.
——中东欧国家拥有高品质的肉、奶、酒制品,中国城镇化进程将带动牛羊肉、奶酪及葡萄酒等需求扩大,中东欧将成为中国重要农产品进口来源地,彼此农产品贸易额提高一个数量级没有问题。 CEE countries produce meat, dairy and wine products with high quality. China's urbanization will unleash greater demand for beef, lamb, cheese, wine and other products, and the CEE region will be an important source of import of agricultural products for China. It will not be difficult for us to see an exponential growth in agricultural trade.
——大多数中东欧国家铁路、公路、港口等交通设施都面临改造更新问题,中国交通运输装备制造业飞速发展,特别是高铁工程建设水平高、设备性能好,总运营里程已超过1万公里,完全有把握高质量承接中东欧各种交通基建项目。 Most CEE countries see a need to upgrade and renovate their railway lines, roads, ports and other transportation facilities. China is making rapid progress in the manufacturing of transportation equipment, especially in the field of high-speed railway. We have strong building capacity and high-quality equipment, and the total mileage of high-speed railway under operation in China has by now exceeded 10,000 kilometers. We are fully capable of undertaking transportation infrastructure projects with high quality in CEE countries.
——中东欧国家电力设施亟待升级换代,中国火电、水电包括抽水蓄能电站设备制造和安装水平已达到世界标准,核电、风电、光电技术也很成熟,设备加工能力全球一流,性价比高,可成为中东欧国家的理想选择。 The power generation facilities in CEE countries are in urgent need of upgrading. China has reached world standards in terms of the manufacturing and installation of facilities used in coal-fired and hydro power stations, including pumped storage power stations. We also have mature technologies and world-class manufacturing capabilities in the development of nuclear, wind and solar energies. The facilities we offer are inexpensive and of high quality, which makes China an ideal choice for CEE countries.
——中东欧国家基础设施建设需要资金保障,中方愿与各国协商,灵活用好中国-中东欧国家合作“100亿美元专项贷款”,共同支持中东欧大项目建设。中方愿推动与中东欧国家互设金融分支机构,签署更多本币互换和结算协议,为各国企业贸易投资提供更多便利。 CEE countries need financing support for the building of infrastructure. China is ready to explore with CEE countries a flexible way to use the US$10 billion special credit line for China-CEE countries cooperation to support major projects in the CEE region. China is willing to work with CEE countries to promote the opening of financial branch institutions in each other's countries, sign more agreements on local currency swap and settlement, and provide more facilitation for the trade and investment activities of our companies.
中国与中东欧国家人文交流可谓异彩纷呈。学习汉语、留学中国、欣赏中国艺术在中东欧国家已成为潮流。不少中东欧国家的青年学生踊跃参加“汉语桥”竞赛活动,并取得了优异成绩。中东欧国家的经典影片、体育表演令中国观众印象深刻。塞尔维亚籍的世界著名网球选手德约科维奇是中国青少年体育爱好者的偶像,被中国球迷亲切称为“小德”。在“中欧信使”微博留言板上,一条关于中东欧国家的信息瞬间就可以聚集成千上万的人气。赴中东欧国家观光旅行是中国百姓新的时尚,2012年中国与中东欧国家旅游等人员往来近32万人次,很多人对华沙的肖邦故居、布达佩斯的渔人堡、罗马尼亚的锡纳亚王宫津津乐道,进一步扩大双向旅游已成为彼此共识。中国正与16国商谈建立旅游联合会,为促进双向旅游发展提供服务平台。相信旅游业将成为中国-中东欧国家人文合作的重要增长点。 The cultural and people-to-people exchanges between China and CEE countries cover a wide range of areas. Learning Chinese, studying in China and appreciating Chinese art have become popular trends in CEE countries. Quite a few students from CEE countries have actively participated and excelled in the "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition. Classic films and sport performances from CEE countries have deeply impressed Chinese viewers. The world-famous Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic is an idol of young sports lovers in China and known affectionately as Xiao De among his Chinese fans. There is an account known as China-Europe Messenger on weibo, a popular social network in China. On its message board, news about CEE countries can instantly fetch tens of thousands of hits. Sightseeing in CEE countries is a new fashion among Chinese people. In 2012, nearly 320,000 people, mainly tourists, travelled between China and CEE countries. Many Chinese tourists have been deeply impressed by their visits to the family residence of Frederic Francois Chopin in Warsaw, Fisherman's Bastion (Halaszbastya) in Budapest and Peles Castle in Sinaia, Romania. To further encourage two-way tourism is now the common desire of our two sides. China and the 16 CEE countries are exploring the establishment of a tourism association to serve as a platform in facilitating two-way tourism. Tourism will become a major growth area in the people-to-people exchanges between us.
中东欧国家是欧洲大家庭的重要一员。中国坚定支持欧盟一体化进程,希望看到一个更加团结和繁荣的欧洲。中国支持中东欧国家加入欧盟的选择,相信中国-中东欧国家全面合作不仅有利于双方人民,也必将为中欧关系健康、均衡和持续发展注入新的动力。 CEE countries are an important member of the bigger European family. China firmly supports the integration of the European Union and wants to see a Europe that enjoys greater unity and prosperity. China supports the decision of CEE countries to join the European Union. We believe that comprehensive cooperation between China and CEE countries will not only serve the people of both sides but also lend fresh impetus to the sound, balanced and sustained growth of relations between China and Europe.
当今世界处于深刻变革之中。中国发展进入新阶段,我们将继续坚定不移地全面深化改革、进一步扩大开放,更好地激发市场活力,创新宏观调控方式,促进经济持续健康发展,打造中国经济升级版,造福于全体人民。 The world is undergoing profound changes. As China's development enters a new phase, we will remain committed to comprehensively deepening reform, opening still wider to the outside, further unleashing market vitality, innovating the way of macro regulation, promoting sustained and healthy economic growth, upgrading the Chinese economy, and bringing benefits to the entire Chinese people.
中国仍然是一个发展中国家,人均GDP刚刚超过6000多美元,与不少中东欧国家相比仍有差距,实现现代化任重道远,同时这也意味着未来发展空间十分广阔。相信随着改革开放不断深入,中国这个拥有13亿人口的巨大市场将为包括中东欧国家在内的世界各国发展带来更多机遇和更大助益。 China remains a developing country. Its per capita GDP of just over US$6,000 is lower than that of many CEE countries. There is a long way to go before China achieves modernization. Yet that also represents vast room for development in the coming years. As the country continues to deepen reform and opening-up, China, with its huge market of 1.3 billion people, will bring more opportunities and benefits to the development of CEE countries and other countries in the world.
从布达佩斯到华沙再到布加勒斯特,从经贸论坛到领导人会晤,中国-中东欧国家合作一路走来,留下了坚实的脚印。我相信,我们的合作之路一定会越走越实,越走越宽。我对这次中东欧之行充满期待。 From Budapest to Warsaw and now to Bucharest, from the economic and trade forum to the meeting of heads of government, the cooperation between China and CEE countries has come a long way and left clear footprints. I am confident that our cooperation will continue to be substantiated and expanded. I look forward to my visit to Central and Eastern Europe.
祝中东欧各国人民生活更加幸福! I wish the people of CEE countries greater happiness.


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