Communiqué of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC

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中国共产党第十八届中央委员会第三次全体会议,于2013年11月9日至12日在北京举行。这是习近平、李克强、张德江、俞正声、刘云山、王岐山、张高丽等在主席台上。[新华社 兰红光 摄]
Top Chinese leaders Xi Jinping (C), Li Keqiang (3rd R), Zhang Dejiang (3th L), Yu Zhengsheng (2nd R), Liu Yunshan (2nd L), Wang Qishan (1st R), Zhang Gaoli (1st L) attend the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee in Beijing, capital of China, Nov. 12, 2013. The session lasted from Nov. 9 to 12. [Lan Hongguang/Xinhua]
全会指出,经济体制改革是全面深化改革的重点,核心问题是处理好政府和市场的关系,使市场在资源配置中起决定性作用和更好发挥政府作用。 The plenum pointed out that economic system reform is the focus of deepening the reform comprehensively. The underlying issue is how to strike a balance between the role of the government and that of the market, and let the market play the decisive role in allocating resources and let the government play its functions better.
全会强调,改革开放的成功实践为全面深化改革提供了重要经验,必须长期坚持。最重要的是,坚持党的领导,贯彻党的基本路线,不走封闭僵化的老路,不走改旗易帜的邪路,坚定走中国特色社会主义道路,始终确保改革正确方向;坚持解放思想、实事求是、与时俱进、求真务实,一切从实际出发,总结国内成功做法,借鉴国外有益经验,勇于推进理论和实践创新;坚持以人为本,尊重人民主体地位,发挥群众首创精神,紧紧依靠人民推动改革,促进人的全面发展;坚持正确处理改革发展稳定关系,胆子要大、步子要稳,加强顶层设计和摸着石头过河相结合,整体推进和重点突破相促进,提高改革决策科学性,广泛凝聚共识,形成改革合力。 The plenum stressed: The success of reform and opening up has provided us with important experience for deepening the reform comprehensively. We have to adhere to it in the long term. What is the most important is to uphold the leadership of the Party, adhere to the Party's basic line, reject both the old and rigid closed-door policy and any attempt to abandon socialism and take an erroneous path, firmly take the socialist road and ensure that our reform is in the right direction. We should emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts, keep up with the times, be realistic and pragmatic, base ourselves on reality in everything we do, summarize successful domestic experience, learn useful experience from other countries, and boldly promote innovation both in theory and practice. We should put people first, respect the people's central position in the country, give full rein to their creativity, promote reform with the close support of the people, and promote well-rounded development of the person. We should strike a balance between reform, development and stability, implement reform boldly and steadily, combine the top-level design with cautious advance, promote both comprehensive advance and breakthroughs at key points, improve scientific decision-making, rally consensus from all sides and form joint force for reform.
全会要求,到2020年,在重要领域和关键环节改革上取得决定性成果,形成系统完备、科学规范、运行有效的制度体系,使各方面制度更加成熟更加定型。 The plenum required that by 2020 decisive results will have been achieved in the reform of important areas and crucial segments, and institutions and systems that are structurally complete, scientifically standardized and effective in operation are to be formed, to ensure that institutions in all areas become more mature and complete.
全会对全面深化改革作出系统部署,强调坚持和完善基本经济制度,加快完善现代市场体系,加快转变政府职能,深化财税体制改革,健全城乡发展一体化体制机制,构建开放型经济新体制,加强社会主义民主政治制度建设,推进法治中国建设,强化权力运行制约和监督体系,推进文化体制机制创新,推进社会事业改革创新,创新社会治理体制,加快生态文明制度建设,深化国防和军队改革,加强和改善党对全面深化改革的领导。 The plenum made overall deployment for comprehensively deepening reform, stressing that it is necessary to uphold and improve the basic economic system, speed up the improvement of a modern market system, accelerate the transformation of government functions, deepen fiscal and taxation reform, improve the integration of urban and rural development, build a new open economic system, speed up the building of socialist democracy, promote the rule of law in the country, improve the mechanism for conducting checks and oversight over the exercise of power, encourage innovation in the cultural sector, social undertakings and social governance, acclelerate ecological progress, deepen reform in national defense and the armed forces, and strengthen and improve the Party's leadership over the reform.
全会提出,公有制为主体、多种所有制经济共同发展的基本经济制度,是中国特色社会主义制度的重要支柱,也是社会主义市场经济体制的根基。公有制经济和非公有制经济都是社会主义市场经济的重要组成部分,都是我国经济社会发展的重要基础。必须毫不动摇巩固和发展公有制经济,坚持公有制主体地位,发挥国有经济主导作用,不断增强国有经济活力、控制力、影响力。必须毫不动摇鼓励、支持、引导非公有制经济发展,激发非公有制经济活力和创造力。要完善产权保护制度,积极发展混合所有制经济,推动国有企业完善现代企业制度,支持非公有制经济健康发展。 The plenum pointed out: The basic economic system with public ownership playing a dominant role and different economic sectors developing side by side is an important pillar of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and is the foundation of the socialist market economy. Both the public and non-public sectors are key components of the socialist market economy, and are important bases for the economic and social development of China. We must unswervingly consolidate and develop the public economy, persist in the dominant position of public ownership, give full play to the leading role of the state-owned sector, and continuously increase its vitality, controlling force and influence. We must unwaveringly encourage, support and guide the development of the non-public sector, and stimulate its dynamism and creativity. It also points out that it is necessary to improve the property rights protection system, vigorously develop a mixed economy, promote establishment of the modern corporate system in state-owned enterprises, and support the healthy development of the non-public sectors.
全会提出,建设统一开放、竞争有序的市场体系,是使市场在资源配置中起决定性作用的基础。必须加快形成企业自主经营、公平竞争,消费者自由选择、自主消费,商品和要素自由流动、平等交换的现代市场体系,着力清除市场壁垒,提高资源配置效率和公平性。要建立公平开放透明的市场规则,完善主要由市场决定价格的机制,建立城乡统一的建设用地市场,完善金融市场体系,深化科技体制改革。 The plenum pointed out: Establishing a unified, open, competitive and orderly market system is the basis for the market to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources. We must put in place a modern market system in which enterprises enjoy independent management and fair competition, consumers have free choice and make autonomous consumption decisions, products and factors of production flow freely and are exchanged on an equal basis, strive to remove market barriers, and raise the efficiency and fairness of resource allocation. It stresses that it is necessary to enact market rules that are fair, open and transparent, improving the mechanism whereby prices are mainly determined by the market, forming a unified construction land market for both urban and rural areas, improving the financial market, and deepening reform of the management system for science and technology.
全会提出,科学的宏观调控,有效的政府治理,是发挥社会主义市场经济体制优势的内在要求。必须切实转变政府职能,深化行政体制改革,创新行政管理方式,增强政府公信力和执行力,建设法治政府和服务型政府。要健全宏观调控体系,全面正确履行政府职能,优化政府组织结构,提高科学管理水平。 The plenum stated: Scientific macro control and effective government administration are the intrinsic requirements for exploiting the advantages of the socialist market economy system. We should transform government functions, deepen the reform of the administrative system, exercise government administration in an innovative way, increase public trust in the government and improve its competence, and build a law-based and service-oriented government. Towards this end, it is necessary to improve the macro control system, fully and correctly perform government functions and streamline government structure, so as to enhance the level of scientific administration.
全会提出,财政是国家治理的基础和重要支柱,科学的财税体制是优化资源配置、维护市场统一、促进社会公平、实现国家长治久安的制度保障。必须完善立法、明确事权、改革税制、稳定税负、透明预算、提高效率,建立现代财政制度,发挥中央和地方两个积极性。要改进预算管理制度,完善税收制度,建立事权和支出责任相适应的制度。 The plenum pointed out: Finance is the foundation and an important pillar of state governance. Good fiscal and taxation systems are the institutional guarantee for optimizing resources allocation, maintaining market unity, promoting social equity, and realizing enduring peace and stability. We must improve legislation, clarify powers and responsibilities, reform the taxation system, stabilize tax burdens, have transparent budgets, increase efficiency, and establish a modern fiscal system to mobilize the initiative of both the central and local governments. In this regard, the specific tasks proposed are: Improving the budget management system, improving the taxation system, and establishing a system whereby authority of office matches responsibility of expenditure.
全会提出,城乡二元结构是制约城乡发展一体化的主要障碍。必须健全体制机制,形成以工促农、以城带乡、工农互惠、城乡一体的新型工农城乡关系,让广大农民平等参与现代化进程、共同分享现代化成果。要加快构建新型农业经营体系,赋予农民更多财产权利,推进城乡要素平等交换和公共资源均衡配置,完善城镇化健康发展体制机制。 The plenum pointed out: The urban-rural dual structure is a main obstacle to the integrated development of urban and rural areas. We must improve the mechanisms and institutions to form new relations between industry and agriculture and between urban and rural areas in which industry promotes agriculture, urban areas support rural development, agriculture and industry benefit each other, and urban and rural areas achieve integrated development, so that the overwhelming majority of farmers can participate in the modernization process on an equal basis and share the fruits of modernization. Towards this end, it proposed the tasks of accelerating the building of a new type of agricultural operation system, endowing farmers with more property rights, promoting equal exchanges of factors of production and balanced allocation of public resources between urban and rural areas, and improving the institutions and mechanisms for promoting the sound development of urbanization.
全会提出,适应经济全球化新形势,必须推动对内对外开放相互促进、引进来和走出去更好结合,促进国际国内要素有序自由流动、资源高效配置、市场深度融合,加快培育参与和引领国际经济合作竞争新优势,以开放促改革。要放宽投资准入,加快自由贸易区建设,扩大内陆沿边开放。 The plenum pointed out: To adapt to the new trend of economic globalization, we must promote domestic openness together with openness to the outside world, better integrate the "bring in" and "go global" strategies, stimulate the orderly and free flow of international and domestic factors of production, highly efficient allocation of resources and in-depth market integration, and foster new advantages in participating in and leading international economic cooperation and competition at a faster pace, in order to promote reform through opening up. For reform in this regard, the plenum proposed the following major tasks of relaxing control over investment access, speeding up the construction of free trade zones, and further opening up inland and border areas.

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