Report on the Work of the Supreme People's Court (2014)

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2014年3月10日,最高人民法院院长周强同志作最高人民法院工作报告。[人民画报 徐迅 摄]
Zhou Qiang, president of the Supreme People's Court (SPC), delivered a report on the SPC's work on March 10, 2014. [Xu Xun/China Pictorial]


Report on the Work of the Supreme People's Court


Delivered at the Second Session of the Twelfth National People's Congress on March 10, 2014


By Zhou Qiang, President of the
Supreme People's Court

各位代表: Fellow Deputies,
我代表最高人民法院向大会报告工作,请予审议,并请全国政协各位委员提出意见。 On behalf of the Supreme People's Court (SPC), I now present to you the report on the work of the SPC for your deliberation, and I welcome comments on my report from the members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).
2013年主要工作 Review of Work in 2013
2013年,最高人民法院在以习近平同志为总书记的党中央坚强领导下,在全国人民代表大会及其常委会有力监督下,紧紧围绕“让人民群众在每一个司法案件中都感受到公平正义”的目标,坚持服务大局、司法为民、公正司法,忠实履行宪法和法律赋予的职责,各项工作取得新进展。最高人民法院受理案件11016件,审结9716件,比2012年分别上升3.2%和1.6%;地方各级人民法院受理案件1421.7万件,审结、执结1294.7万件,同比分别上升7.4%和4.4%。通过充分履行职能,为推进平安中国、法治中国建设作出积极贡献。 In 2013, the SPC, under the strong leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) with Comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary, and under the effective supervision of the National People's Congress (NPC) and its standing committee, closely centered on the goal of "letting the people to feel fairness and justice in each judicial case," adhered to serving the overall situation, administrating justice for the people and maintaining judicial fairness, performed the duties conferred by the Constitution and laws faithfully, and made new progress in all the work. During the year, The SPC accepted and heard 11,016 cases of various types, up 3.2% over 2012, and concluded 9,716 cases, up 1.6% over 2012. Local people's courts at various levels accepted and heard 14.217 million cases of various types, up 7.4% over 2012, and concluded and enforced 12.947 million cases, up 4.4% over 2012. It made a positive contribution to promoting safety and rule of law in the country, by fully performing its functions.
一、依法惩治犯罪、保障人权、化解矛盾,维护社会和谐稳定 I. Punishing crimes, Protecting Human Rights and Resolving Contradictions in accordance with Laws to Safeguard Social Harmony and Stability
依法惩治危害国家安全和社会稳定的犯罪。各级法院审结一审刑事案件95.4万件,判处罪犯115.8万人。依法严惩煽动分裂国家、暴力恐怖袭击等危害国家安全和公共安全犯罪,严惩严重危害人民群众生命财产安全的犯罪,审结杀人、抢劫、绑架、爆炸、强奸、拐卖妇女儿童、黑社会性质组织犯罪等案件25万件,判处罪犯32.5万人。最高人民法院会同有关部门发布指导意见,依法惩治性侵儿童犯罪和危害校园安全犯罪,加强对未成年人的保护。发布关于办理盗窃、敲诈勒索、抢夺等刑事案件司法解释,各级法院审结侵犯财产犯罪案件30.3万件,判处罪犯39.8万人。发布关于办理寻衅滋事、编造传播虚假恐怖信息等刑事案件司法解释,指导地方法院正确审理相关案件,依法惩治破坏社会秩序犯罪。发布关于办理利用信息网络实施诽谤等刑事案件的司法解释,统一法律适用,打击利用网络造谣传谣的犯罪行为,维护良好的网络环境。依法惩治扰乱医疗秩序的违法犯罪行为,切实保护医务人员和广大患者合法权益。明确“醉驾”的认定标准,各级法院审结危险驾驶犯罪案件9万件。积极参与禁毒斗争,审结毒品犯罪案件9.5万件,判处罪犯9.9万人。最高人民法院认真做好死刑复核工作,严把案件事实关、证据关、法律关,确保死刑只适用于极少数罪行极其严重的犯罪分子。 —— Punishing the crimes of endangering national security and social stability in accordance with laws. The people's courts at various levels concluded 954,000 criminal cases of first instance, and convicted 1.158 million criminals. The people's courts severely punished the crimes of endangering national security and public safety through inciting to split the country and launching violent terrorist attacks, and of greatly threatening the safety of people's lives and properties. The people's courts concluded 250,000 cases of severe crimes, including homicide, robbery, kidnapping, explosion, rape, the trafficking in women and children, and organized crime committed by Mafia-like gang. A total of 325,000 criminals involved in these cases were convicted and punished. The SPC issued guidance jointly with other organizations concerned to punish according to law the crimes of sexual aggression against children and the crimes against campus safety, and to strengthen juvenile protection. The SPC published a judicial interpretation on handling the criminal cases of theft, racketeering and looting. The people's courts at various levels concluded 303,000 criminal cases of property violations and convicted 398,000 criminals in total. It released judicial interpretations on handling criminal cases of picking quarrels and provoking troubles, and fabricating and spreading false terrorism information, guided local courts to correctly hear the relevant cases, and punished the crimes of disrupting public order according to law. It also published a judicial interpretation on handling criminal cases of defamation on the Internet, unified the application of laws, and fought against the crimes of starting and mongering rumors through networks, to maintain a sound network environment. It punished the illegal and criminal acts of disrupting the medical order according to law, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of medical staff and patients. It clarified the identification criterion of "drunk driving". The people's courts at various levels concluded 90,000 criminal cases involving dangerous driving. Meanwhile, they also took an active part in anti-drug campaign, with 95,000 drug-related crimes concluded and 99,000 criminals convicted. The SPC shared no efforts in the review of death sentences by being stringent with the facts, evidence and legal provisions relating to the cases, to ensure that the death penalty shall only be applied to a very small number of criminals who have committed extremely serious crimes.
依法惩治经济犯罪、贪污贿赂和渎职犯罪。发布关于办理组织、领导传销活动刑事案件等指导意见,各级法院审结传销、走私、洗钱、非法集资、金融诈骗、内幕交易、商业贿赂等经济犯罪案件5万件,判处罪犯6.9万人。充分发挥刑事审判在惩治腐败中的职能作用,加大对贪污贿赂等犯罪的打击力度,审结国家工作人员贪污贿赂、渎职侵权犯罪案件2.9万件,判处罪犯3.1万人,其中包括薄熙来受贿、贪污、滥用职权案,刘志军受贿、滥用职权案等一批大案要案,促进反腐败斗争深入开展。 —— Punishing the crimes of economic offences, embezzlement, bribery and dereliction of duty according to law. The SPC issued guidance opinions on handling criminal cases of organizing and leading pyramid selling. The people's courts at various levels concluded 50,000 cases of economic crime involving pyramid selling, smuggling, money laundering, illegal fund-raising, financial swindling, insider trading, and business bribery, and convicted 69,000 criminals. The people's courts gave full play to the function of criminal justice in cracking down corruption, intensified fight against the crimes of embezzlement and bribery. 29,000 cases involving embezzlement, bribery and dereliction of duty were concluded, with 31,000 criminals convicted, including several high-profile cases, such as the case of bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power by Bo Xilai, and the case of bribery and abuse of power by Liu Zhijun. All these efforts further promote the anti-corruption struggle in depth.
依法惩治危害食品安全和污染环境犯罪。积极回应群众关切,发布关于办理危害食品安全犯罪的司法解释,各级法院审结相关案件2082件,判处罪犯2647人。发布关于办理污染环境刑事案件的司法解释,加大惩处污染环境犯罪力度。公布王长兵生产、销售有毒食品犯罪以及胡文标、丁月生投放危险物质污染环境犯罪等典型案例,有力震慑犯罪分子。 —— Punishing the crimes of endangering food safety and environmental pollution in accordance with law. The SPC actively responded to the concerns of the people, issued a judicial interpretation on handling the crime of endangering food safety. The people's courts at various levels concluded 2,082 related cases and convicted 2,647 criminals in total. The SPC issued a judicial explanation on handling criminal cases of polluting the environment, and intensified the punishment on the crime of polluting the environment. It also disclosed several typical criminal cases, including the case of Wang Changbing who produced and sold poisoned food, and the case of Hu Wenbiao and Ding Yuesheng who threw hazardous substances to contaminate the environment, so as to forcefully deter criminal offenders.
坚决防止和纠正冤假错案。尊重和保障人权,恪守罪刑法定、证据裁判、疑罪从无等原则,严格排除非法证据,各级法院依法宣告825名被告人无罪,确保无罪的人不受刑事追究。加强与律师协会的沟通,高度重视律协、律师反映的问题,尊重和保障律师依法履职。以坚决果断的态度依法纠正“张氏叔侄强奸杀人案”等一批重大冤假错案,从错案中深刻汲取教训,强化证据审查,发挥庭审功能,与公安、检察机关分工负责、互相配合、互相制约,建立健全防范刑事冤假错案工作机制,坚守防止冤假错案底线。 —— Resolutely preventing and correcting wrongful convictions. The SPC respected and protected human rights, adhered to the principles of legality, evidence judgment and presumption of innocence, and strictly excluded illegally obtained evidences. The people's courts at various levels acquitted according to law 825 people for lack of evidence and reasonable doubts, and ensured innocent people from being subject to criminal sanctions. The people's courts further strengthened communication with lawyer associations, highly valued the issues reflected by the lawyer associations and lawyers, respected and guaranteed lawyers to perform their duties according to law. The people's courts took resolute measures to correct several major unjust, false and erroneous cases in accordance with law, such as "the case of rape and murder by Zhang nephew and uncle," and learnt profound lessons from them. Meanwhile, The people's courts strengthened evidence review, made the court hearing fully functional, divided work with the public security and procuratorial organs for cooperation and mutual restriction, established and improved a working mechanism preventing unjust, false and erroneous criminal cases, and defended the bottom line of preventing wrongful convictions.
妥善化解社会矛盾。坚持合法自愿原则,规范司法调解,各级法院通过调解和撤诉方式处理案件479.8万件。依法支持仲裁机构发挥作用,执结仲裁裁决13.3万件。加强刑事附带民事诉讼调解工作,完善刑事被害人救助制度,保障被害人合法权益。积极参与社会治理,健全诉讼与非诉讼相衔接的矛盾纠纷解决机制,加大诉前调解力度,坚持和发展“枫桥经验”,指导、支持人民调解,将大量矛盾纠纷化解在基层和诉前,促进社会和谐。 —— Properly resolving social conflicts. The SPC adhered to the principles of legality and voluntariness to regulate judicial mediation. The people's courts at various levels handled 4.798 million cases through mediation and withdrawal of lawsuits. The SPC supported arbitration institutions to well function according to law, and 133,000 arbitral awards were concluded and enforced. It strengthened mediation for civil claims annexed to criminal cases, improved the assistance system for criminal victims, and protected the legitimate rights and interests of the victims. It actively participated in social governance, improved court-annexed ADR, strengthened pre-litigation mediation, upheld and developed the "Fengqiao Experience", guided and supported mediation among the people. In result, a great deal of disputes can be resolved at the grassroots and before litigation, so as to promote social harmony.
二、依法审理经济领域各类案件,促进经济持续健康发展 II. Hearing Economic Cases according to Law to Promote Healthy and Sustainable Economic Development
加强商事审判工作。依法平等保护各类市场主体的合法权益,为加快转变经济发展方式、实现经济稳中求进提供司法保障,各级法院审结一审商事案件395.7万件。发布企业破产法司法解释,规范破产程序,保障债权人公平受偿,各级法院审结企业破产案件1998件。发布保险法司法解释和出口信用保险司法解释,各级法院审结保险、证券、票据等金融纠纷案件71.4万件。加强对经济社会发展新情况新问题的司法应对,认真研究服务实体经济、民间借贷等方面的法律问题,及时提出司法建议,积极防范和化解风险。 —— Strengthening commercial adjudication. The SPC equally protected the legitimate rights and interests of all kinds of market entities according to law, and provided judicial guarantee to speed up transformation of economic development patterns, and make economic progress while maintaining stability. The people's courts at various levels concluded 3.957 million commercial cases of first instance. The SPC issued a judicial interpretation on enterprise bankruptcy law to standardize bankruptcy procedure, and guarantee creditors to have fair compensation. The people's courts at various levels concluded 1,998 cases of enterprise bankruptcy. Meanwhile, the SPC also issued judicial interpretations on the insurance law and export credit insurance. The people's courts at various levels concluded 714,000 financial dispute cases concerning insurance, securities and bills. Moreover, the SPC further enhanced judicial response to new situations and problems emerging in economic and social development, seriously studied legal issues serving the real economy and private lending, duly put forward judicial suggestions, and actively prevented and precluded risks.
加强知识产权审判工作。依法保护专利权、著作权、商标权,加大对网络知识产权司法保护力度,依法制裁不正当竞争和垄断行为,维护公平竞争的市场环境,促进国家创新体系建设,各级法院审结一审知识产权案件10万件。积极参与打击侵犯知识产权和制售假冒伪劣商品专项行动,公布知识产权司法保护状况白皮书和典型案例,树立我国知识产权司法保护良好形象。 —— Strengthening intellectual property rights adjudication. The people's courts protected the patent rights, copyrights and trademark rights according to law, intensified judicial protection of Internet intellectual properties rights, cracked down unfair competition and monopoly according to law, to maintain a sound market environment for fair competition, and to promote the construction of the national innovation system. The people's courts at various levels concluded 100,000 cases of first instance on intellectual properties. The courts were also actively involved in the specific action of cracking down on infringement of intellectual properties, and manufacturing and selling of counterfeit goods, published white paper and typical cases on judicial protection of intellectual properties, and established a sound image of China in judicial protection of intellectual properties.
加强涉外、涉港澳台、涉侨、海事海商审判工作和司法交流合作。平等保护中外当事人合法权益,促进开放型经济发展,各级法院审结一审涉外商事案件5364件,涉港澳台案件1.5万件,海事海商案件1.1万件。妥善审理海洋污染和资源开发等案件,切实维护国家海洋权益。高度重视涉港澳台、涉侨案件审判工作,维护香港、澳门、台湾同胞和归侨侨眷合法权益。积极开展与港澳台地区和有关国家的司法交流与合作,推动在台湾举办第二届海峡两岸暨香港澳门司法高层论坛,办理送达文书、调查取证、裁判认可等国际、区际司法协助案件1.3万件。 —— Enhancing Maritime Trials involving Foreign Parties, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese, and Strengthening Judicial Exchanges and Cooperation. The people's courts gave equal protection to the legitimate rights and interests of the parties involved from home and abroad, to facilitate development of the open economy. The people's courts at various levels concluded 5,364 foreign-related commercial cases of first instance, 15,000 cases involving Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and 11,000 cases of maritime affairs and maritime commerce. The people's courts properly heard cases on maritime pollution and resources development, to effectively safeguard maritime rights and interests of the country. The people's courts attached great importance to the adjudication of cases involving Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese, and safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and returned overseas Chinese and their relatives. The courts actively launched judicial exchanges and cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries, promoted the convening of the second Cross-Strait & Hong Kong, Macao High-level Judicial Forum in Taiwan, and handled 13,000 international and regional judicial assistance cases including service of documents, taking of evidence, and judgment recognition.

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