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2014年9月10日,天津,国务院总理李克强出席世界经济论坛第八届新领军者年会(2014年夏季达沃斯论坛)开幕式并致词。图为演讲结束后,世界经济论坛主席施瓦布对话李克强总理(左)。[中国网 杨佳 摄]
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (L) answers questions raised by Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), after delivering a keynote speech at the opening of the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2014, also known as the Summer Davos forum, in Tianjin Municipality, north China, Sept. 10, 2014. [Yang Jia/China.org.cn]
经济总体平稳、稳中提质,重要的是我们实施了区间调控下的定向调控,抓住经济社会发展的关键领域和薄弱环节,更多运用改革创新的办法,聚焦在“激活力、补短板、强实体”上,精准发力,定向施策。这实际上是一种结构性调控,既包括改革,也包括调整,努力使市场在资源配置中起决定性作用,大力破除市场障碍;更好发挥政府作用,努力促进社会公平。我们积极平衡国内国外需求,协调区域发展,缩小城乡差距,稳定农产品供给;我们还加强了中西部铁路、棚户区改造、污染防治等民生和发展工程建设,扩大的都是长期制约平衡发展的“瓶颈”,有力地支持了新型城镇化,也有效地增加了公共产品供给。 We have managed to ensure steady growth and improve the quality of the Chinese economy by taking targeted, range-based macro-control measures. With focus on key areas and weak links of China's economic and social development, we have used more reform and innovation measures to incentivize market entities, strengthen weak links, boost the real economy and ensure that our efforts are well-targeted. This approach, which was also structural adjustment in nature, involved both reform and readjustments. We have strived to remove market obstacles and make the market play a decisive role in resources allocation. We have also endeavored to improve the role of the government and promote social equity. We have worked actively to balance domestic and international demands, coordinate regional development, narrow the gap between rural and urban areas and stabilize agricultural supply and demand. We have strengthened the construction of railways in central and western China, the renovation of rundown areas, as well as pollution control and prevention and other livelihood and development projects. We have actively tackled the bottlenecks that have long constrained China's balanced development. All of these have vigorously supported the process toward a new type of industrialization and effectively increased the supply of public goods.
在国际国内经济出现新常态下,我们保持定力、深处着力,更加关注结构调整等长期问题,并不随单项指标的短期小幅波动而起舞。比如说,7、8月份用电量、货运量等指标出现一些波动,这是难以避免的,也是在预料之中的,因为国内外经济形势仍然复杂多变,而且去年下半年我们发展的基数也比较高。看中国经济,不能只看眼前、看局部、看“单科”,更要看趋势、看全局、看“总分”。我们坚持区间调控的基本思路,只要经济增速保持在7.5%左右,高一点,低一点,都属于合理区间。尤其应当看到,稳增长是为了保就业,调控的下限是比较充分的就业。随着总量扩大,尤其是服务业发展迅速,经济增长的就业容量扩大了,对波动的容忍度也提高了。还要看到,中国经济有巨大韧性、潜力、回旋余地,我们采取的措施既利当前、更惠长远,有能力防范出现大的起伏,更不会发生“硬着陆”。但并不是说我们在发展中没有困难和挑战。相反,我们遇到的困难和挑战依然是艰巨的。 Facing the new normal state of the global and the Chinese economy, we have remained level-headed and taken steps to tackle deep-seated challenges. We focused more on structural readjustment and other long-term problems, and refrained from being distracted by the slight short-term fluctuations of individual indicators. In July and August, electricity consumption, freight volume and other indicators fluctuated somewhat. That was inevitable and within our expectation. It was because the domestic and international economic situation was still complex and volatile and base figures for the second half of last year were relatively high. When observing the Chinese economy, one should not just focus on its short-term performance or the performance of a particular sector. Rather, one should look at the overall trend, the bigger picture and the total score. Judging by the principle of range-based macro-control, we believe the actual economic growth rate is within the proper range, even if it might be slightly higher or lower than the 7.5 percent target. In particular, we should realize that an important goal of maintaining stable growth is to ensure employment, and the floor of the proper range is to ensure relatively adequate employment. As the economic aggregate continues to expand, and in particular, as the service sector develops rapidly, growth will mean more jobs and there will be greater tolerance to fluctuations. We should also be clear that China's economy is highly resilient and has much potential and ample space to grow, and we have a full range of tools of macro-control at our disposal. The measures we have taken are good both for now and for longer-term interests, and will therefore enable us to prevent major fluctuations and make a "hard landing" even less possible. However, this is not denying that our development faces difficulties and challenges. On the contrary, we are indeed confronted with enormous difficulties and challenges.
今年后四个月,我们将统筹稳增长、促改革、调结构、惠民生、防风险,不断完善和创新宏观调控思路和方式,在区间调控的基础上加强定向调控,推进结构性改革与调整,抱定壮士断腕、背水一战的决心,推动牵一发而动全身的重点改革,着眼解决长远问题。一是继续从政府自身革命做起,进一步加大简政放权力度,深化财税改革,推进预算管理制度改革,使公共资金公平有效使用,继续扩大支持服务业尤其是研发企业发展的“营改增”试点;深化金融改革,推进民营银行试点工作,清理规范金融业准入限制,推进多层次资本市场发展;深化国有企业改革;推进价格改革,完善能源产品、药品和医疗服务价格形成机制;深化投资体制改革,推进政府购买服务、公私合作模式和特许经营制度。二是继续围绕破解深层次结构性矛盾,进一步增加公共产品有效供给,以带动有效需求,补上投资短板,扩大居民消费,拓展新的增长领域。三是继续用好和盘活财政、金融增量和存量资金,进一步加大对实体经济和新兴产业、新兴业态的支持,更多惠及“三农”、小微企业和服务业等。通过我们的努力,把“改革的红利”转化为“发展新动能”、“民生新福祉”。中国有信心、有能力、也有条件不断克服困难,实现今年经济社会发展的主要预期目标。 In the four months ahead, we will coordinate the efforts to stabilize growth, promote reform, readjust the structure, improve people's livelihoods and prevent risks. We will continue to improve and innovate in the thinking and approaches of macro-control, strengthen targeted macro-control on the basis of range-based macro-control, promote structural reform and readjustments, carry out reforms in key areas of systemic importance with every determination to forge ahead and focus on addressing long-term problems. First, we will continue to press ahead with revolutionizing the government itself and further intensify efforts to streamline administration and delegate powers. We will deepen fiscal and taxation reform, promote reform of the budgetary management system so as to use public funds in an equitable and effective way, and continue to expand the pilot programs for business tax to VAT reform which is conducive to the development of the service sector, particularly the R&D companies. We will deepen financial reform, promote the pilot programs for non-state owned banks, sort out and standardize the limit requirements on access to the financial sector and develop a multi-tiered capital market. We will deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises. We will deepen price reform and improve the pricing mechanisms for energy products, medicine and medical services. We will deepen reform of the investment system and implement government purchase of service contracting, public-private cooperation models and franchise operation system. Second, we will continue to focus on tackling the deep-seated structural problems, further increase the effective supply of public goods to generate effective demand, strengthen weak links in investment, increase household consumption and nurture new growth areas. Third, we will continue to ensure efficient use of both the existing and the increase of fiscal and financial resources and further scale up support for the real economy and emerging industries and businesses, for the greater benefit of rural areas, agriculture and farmers, as well as micro-businesses and the service sector. These efforts are aimed at turning the gains of reform into new dynamism of development that would bring more benefit to the people. We have all the confidence, ability and resources to overcome the difficulties and realize the major goals of China's economic and social development in 2014.
女士们,先生们! Ladies and Gentlemen,
中国还是一个发展中国家,必须始终坚持以经济建设为中心。发展是硬道理,是解决一切问题的根本。经济发展方式不转变不行,经济发展不适度也不行。当然,我们所说的发展,是就业和收入增加的发展,是质量效益提高和节能环保的发展,也就是符合经济规律、社会规律和自然规律的科学发展。 China is still a developing country. We must give top priority to economic development. Only development will deliver progress. Ultimately, it is only development that will resolve all the problems in China. We cannot advance without changing the growth model, nor can we advance without adequate development. Of course, the development we pursue should be one that promotes employment, increases incomes, improves economic performance and boosts energy conservation and environmental protection. It should be scientific development, namely, sound and balanced development that is in keeping with the laws governing economic activities, social development and nature.
当前,世界经济不稳定不确定因素依然较多,中国经济正处于深层次矛盾凸显和“三期叠加”的阶段,到了爬坡过坎的关键时候。下半年和今后一段时间,我们将进一步加快经济发展方式的转变,以结构性改革促进结构性调整,用好创新这把“金钥匙”,着力推进体制创新和科技创新,使中国经济保持中高速增长、迈向中高端水平,创造价值,打造中国经济升级版。 Currently, there are many destabilizing and uncertain factors in the global economy, and China's economic development also faces an array of overlapping and deep-seated problems. It is in a critical stage where its path upward is particularly steep. In the latter half of the year and beyond, we will further accelerate the transformation of the development model, push forward structural readjustment through structural reform, make good use of the "golden key" of innovation and promote institutional innovation as well as innovation in science and technology. By so doing, we will be able to maintain a medium-high growth rate, move toward medium-high level of development, create more value and upgrade the Chinese economy.
加快体制机制创新步伐。中国经济每一回破茧成蝶,靠的都是创新。创新不单是技术创新,更包括体制机制创新、管理创新、模式创新。中国30多年来改革开放本身就是规模宏大的创新行动,今后创新发展的巨大潜能依然蕴藏在体制改革之中。试想,13亿人口中有8、9亿的劳动者,如果他们都投入创业和创新创造,这将是巨大的力量。关键是要进一步解放思想,进一步解放和发展社会创造力,进一步激发企业和市场活力,破除一切束缚发展的体制机制障碍,让每个有创业意愿的人都拥有自主创业的空间,让创新创造的血液在全社会自由流动,让自我发展的精神在群众中蔚然成风。借改革创新的“东风”,在中国960万平方公里土地上掀起一个“大众创业”、“草根创业”的新浪潮,中国人民勤劳智慧的“自然禀赋”就会充分发挥,中国经济持续发展的“发动机”就会更新换代升级。 We will accelerate the pace of institutional innovation. Innovation has been the ultimate cause of the leapfrog development of the Chinese economy. China's innovation involves not only technology but more of institution, management and growth models. China's reform and opening-up for the past three decades and more has in itself been a huge innovation drive, and the huge, untapped potential of innovation and development in the future still lies in institutional reform. Just imagine how big a force it could be when the 800 or 900 million laborers among the 1.3 billion population are engaged in entrepreneurship, innovation and creation. I believe the key to realizing that is to further liberate our mind, further liberate and develop the creativity of society, further energize businesses and the market, and remove all institutional obstacles to development so that everyone interested in starting a business is given more space for entrepreneurship and the blood of innovation could flow unhampered in a society where everyone is full of the spirit of self-development. When reform and innovation fuels the massive wave of entrepreneurship by the people and at the grassroots level on the land of the 9.6 million square kilometers of China, the enormous power of the diligent and resourceful Chinese people will be fully unlocked and the engine driving China's sustained economic development will constantly regenerate itself and remain powerful.
中国全面深化改革未有穷期,政府带头自我革命,“开弓没有回头箭”。我们将继续深化行政管理体制改革,力争用更短的时间完成取消和下放行政审批事项的五年任务,释放市场潜能和发展动力。如果说简政放权是“先手棋”,那么制度建设就是“连环炮”。一方面,要拿出“权力清单”,政府应该干什么,“法无授权不可为”,这样才能防止公权滥用,减少寻租现象,使政府真正履行为人民、为大众服务的职责。另一方面,要给出“负面清单”,企业不能干什么,“法无禁止皆可为”,这样才能形成公开透明、预期稳定的制度安排,促进企业活力充分迸发。还有一方面,就是要拿出“责任清单”,政府该怎么管市场,“法定责任必须为”,以建立和维护诚信经营、公平竞争的市场环境,激发企业动力,鼓励创新创造。政府要加强事中事后监管,当好市场秩序的“裁判员”和改革创新的“守护者”。“只有拔掉杂草,稻谷才能长得茂盛”。宽容违法者,就是对守法者的不公,甚至会导致“劣币驱逐良币”的现象。对假冒伪劣、坑蒙拐骗、窃取商业机密等行为,不管是国内企业还是国外企业,都要一视同仁依法加以惩治。保护知识产权,就是保护发明创造的火种、维护创新者的权益。对严重侵犯知识产权的行为,要依法严惩,包括实行巨额赔偿惩罚,使违法者付出难以承受的代价,为创新助力。 China's effort to comprehensively deepen reform is an ongoing process. The government is taking the lead in conducting a "self-targeted revolution". Just like an arrow shot, there will be no turning back. We will deepen the reform in the administrative approval system. We hope to complete the task of removing and delegating items subject to government approval, originally planned for five years, in a shorter period of time. This is to unleash the potential of the market and the driving force for development. If streamlining administration and delegating power is like taking a proactive move in the chess game, then introducing new systems is like a "serial blast". On the one hand, we should provide the list of government powers which defines the scope of what the government should do. Items not found on the list will be deemed as not permissible. Only in this way could we prevent the abuse of government power, reduce rent-seeking and ensure that the government better performs its duty of serving the people. On the other, a negative list should be formulated which defines areas off-limits to businesses. Items not found on the list will be deemed as permissible. Only by so doing could we build open and transparent systematic arrangements with stable expectations and bring about enterprises' vitality to the fullest extent. Moreover, we should formulate a list of government responsibilities to define how the government should regulate the market. All items on the list should be fulfilled by the government. Only by so doing could we build and sustain a market environment that favors honest operations and fair play, energizes businesses and encourages innovation and creativity. The government should enhance ongoing and ex-post oversight and perform its role well both as a referee of the market order and as a guardian of reform and innovation. As a saying goes, only by weeding out the barnyard grass can rice grow properly. Being lenient to law breakers is tantamount to doing wrong to law abiding people. It could even result in "bad money driving out the good". We will mete out stringent punishment to companies, domestic or foreign, that are involved in producing counterfeit, fake and shoddy products, engaging in fraud and deception, and stealing trade secrets. Protecting intellectual property rights is in fact protecting the kindling of innovation and creativity and the rights and interests of innovators. We will penalize serious IPR infringement to the fullest extent in accordance with the law, including imposing heavy fines to make law breakers pay insufferable prices, so as to propel innovation.

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