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 11月11日,亚太经合组织第二十二次领导人非正式会议在北京怀柔雁栖湖国际会议中心举行。这是习近平同各经济体领导人或代表步入会场。[新华社 兰红光 摄]
Chinese President Xi Jinping (front C) and other leaders and representatives from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) member economies arrive at the venue for the 22nd APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting at the Yanqi Lake International Convention Center in the northern suburb of Beijing, capital of China, Nov. 11, 2014. [Lan Hongguang/Xinhua]
中国 北京
Beijing Agenda for an Integrated, Innovative and Interconnected Asia-Pacific
Beijing, China
November 11, 2014
1. 我们,亚太经合组织各成员领导人聚首北京雁栖湖畔,举行亚太经合组织第二十二次领导人非正式会议。我们围绕“共建面向未来的亚太伙伴关系”主题,和“推动区域经济一体化”,“促进经济创新发展、改革与增长”,“加强全方位基础设施与互联互通建设”等重点议题,共商拓展和深化亚太区域经济合作之大计,实现亚太和平、稳定、发展和共同繁荣。 1. We, the APEC Leaders, gathered by Yanqi Lake in Beijing for the 22nd APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting. Under the theme of "Shaping the Future through Asia-Pacific Partnership", we held substantial discussions on the priorities of advancing regional economic integration, promoting innovative development, economic reform and growth, and strengthening comprehensive connectivity and infrastructure development with a view to expanding and deepening Asia-Pacific regional economic cooperation, and attaining peace, stability, development and common prosperity of the Asia-Pacific.
2. 亚太地区经历了四分之一世纪的增长和发展,亚太经合组织不仅为本地区经济发展、社会进步和民生改善作出重要贡献,也见证了亚太地区的巨大变化和不断提升的战略地位。亚太经合组织以其自主自愿、协商一致、灵活务实的独特方式,在具有显著多样性、处于不同发展阶段的成员间成功构建起完善的区域经济合作框架。我们团结互信,互敬互助,合作共赢,努力缩小各成员发展差距,稳步推进亚太和世界经济强劲、可持续、平衡、包容、安全增长。 2. The Asia-Pacific region has experienced a quarter of a century's growth and development. APEC has not only made significant contributions to the region's economic development, social progress and improvement of people's livelihoods, but has also epitomized the great changes and rising strategic position of the Asia-Pacific. Through its unique approach featuring voluntary action, consensus, flexibility and pragmatism, APEC has successfully established a sound regional economic cooperation framework among member economies with remarkable diversity and at different stages of development. Adhering to the spirit of unity, mutual respect and trust, mutual assistance and win-win cooperation, we have been working to narrow the development gap among ourselves and have consistently promoted the robust, sustainable, balanced, inclusive and secure growth in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.
3. 经过多年快速发展,亚太已成为世界上最具活力地区,在全球版图上从未像今天这样重要。当前亚太发展势头良好,潜力巨大,前景光明,同时也面临风险和挑战。 3. After years of rapid development, the Asia-Pacific has become the most dynamic region of the world, and has never been as important as it is today in the global landscape. At present, the Asia-Pacific maintains a strong momentum of growth; it possesses an enormous potential and has a bright future. Yet it is also faced with risks and challenges.
4. 值此承前启后、继往开来之重要历史时刻,我们决心共建面向未来的亚太伙伴关系,打造发展创新、增长联动、利益融合的开放型亚太经济格局,巩固亚太地区全球增长引擎地位,开创亚太未来合作新局面,实现亚太地区共同繁荣。 4. We are at an important historical moment of building on past achievements and striving for new progress. We are committed to working together to shape the future through Asia-Pacific partnership, building an open economy in the Asia-Pacific featuring innovative development, interconnected growth, and shared interests, and consolidating the leading role of the Asia-Pacific in the world economy, with a goal of opening up new prospects for future cooperation and achieving common prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region.
5. 为实现上述目标,我们承诺在以下方面做出努力: 5. To achieve the above-mentioned goals, we pledge to take the following actions:
一、推动区域经济一体化 I. Advancing Regional Economic Integration
推进自由开放贸易投资 Pursuing Free and Open Trade and Investment
6. 我们重申多边贸易体制在推动贸易扩大、经济增长、创造就业和可持续发展方面的价值及其中心和首要地位。我们坚定地加强世界贸易组织所代表的,基于规则、透明、非歧视、开放和包容的多边贸易体制。 6. We reiterate the value, centrality and primacy of the multilateral trading system in promoting trade expansion, economic growth, job creation and sustainable development. We stand firmly together to strengthen the rules-based, transparent, non-discriminatory, open and inclusive multilateral trading system as embodied in the WTO.
7. 我们对《贸易便利化协定》实施僵局表示严重关切,这已导致其他巴厘岛决定相关工作停滞并给其带来不确定性。这些状况已影响了世界贸易组织谈判功能的信誉。为寻找落实巴厘岛决定解决方案,亚太经合组织将发挥创造性领导力和能量,与所有世界贸易组织成员一起打破目前僵局,将各项巴厘岛决定重回正轨,并着手制定“后巴厘”工作计划,为顺利结束多哈回合打下坚实基础。 7. We express our grave concern regarding the impasse in the implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) which has resulted in stalemate and uncertainties over other Bali decisions. These developments have affected the credibility of the WTO negotiating function. In finding solutions to the implementation of the Bali decisions, APEC will exert creative leadership and energy together with all WTO members in unlocking this impasse, putting all Bali decisions back on track, and proceeding with the formulation of Post-Bali Work Program, as a key stepping stone to concluding the Doha Round.
8. 我们重申反对各种形式保护主义的承诺。我们将把不采取新的贸易投资限制措施的承诺延长至2018年底,同时重申取消保护主义和扭曲贸易措施的承诺。我们致力于最大限度地克制使用可能符合世界贸易组织规则但具有明显保护主义效果的措施,并及时纠正这些措施。 8. We reaffirm our pledges against all forms of protectionism. We extend our standstill commitment through the end of 2018 and reaffirm our commitment to roll back protectionist and trade-distorting measures. We remain committed to exercise maximum restraint in implementing measures that may be consistent with WTO provisions but have a significant protectionist effect, and to promptly rectifying such measures, where implemented.
9. 我们认识到双边、区域和诸边贸易协定能够对全球贸易自由化发挥重要补充作用。我们将继续协同工作,确保上述谈判能够加强多边贸易体制。我们强调《信息技术协定》扩围的重要性。《信息技术协定》扩围谈判的最终结果应是具有重要商业意义的、有信誉的、务实的和平衡的,应反映过去17年来信息技术产业的技术动态发展,并为多边贸易体制作出贡献。我们欢迎亚太经合组织为推动谈判发挥引领作用,同时呼吁尽快恢复并结束日内瓦的诸边谈判。我们欢迎2014年7月在日内瓦启动的《环境产品协定》谈判。我们鼓励上述谈判参加方为扩大成员范围开展工作。 9. We acknowledge that bilateral, regional and plurilateral trade agreements can play an important role in complementing global trade liberalization initiatives. We will continue to work together to ensure that they contribute to strengthening the multilateral trading system. We underscore the importance of the negotiations to expand the product coverage of the Information Technology Agreement (ITA). A final ITA expansion outcome should be commercially significant, credible, pragmatic, balanced, and reflective of the dynamic technological developments in the information technology sector over the last 17 years, and contribute to the multilateral trading system. We welcome APEC's leadership in advancing the negotiations and call for swift resumption and conclusion of plurilateral negotiations in Geneva. We welcome the launch of negotiations on Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA) in July 2014 in Geneva. We encourage participants of the above initiatives to seek expanded memberships.
10. 我们欢迎亚太经合组织成员在实现茂物目标方面所取得的显著进展,将为在2020年实现茂物目标付出全部努力。我们欢迎今年举行的两年一次的茂物目标评审,敦促所有经济体特别是发达成员认真对照2010年、2012年、2014年亚太经合组织经济体茂物目标进展报告的结论,朝着实现茂物目标采取更多具体措施。 10. We welcome the significant progress made toward achieving the Bogor Goals. We will make every effort to achieve the Bogor Goals by 2020. We also welcome the biennial Bogor Goals review this year. We urge all economies, particularly developed ones to deeply consider the conclusions of the Report on APEC's 2010 Economies' Progress towards the Bogor Goals and the 2012 and 2014 Bogor Goals Progress Report, and to take more concrete actions towards attaining the Bogor Goals.
11. 我们认识到亚太经合组织在塑造和推进区域经济一体化中发挥的关键作用。我们一致认为亚太经合组织应发挥孵化器作用,做出更重要、更有意义的贡献,把亚太自贸区从愿景变为现实。我们重申关于亚太自贸区是亚太经合组织推动区域经济一体化主要手段的承诺。 11. Recognizing APEC has a critical role to play in shaping and nurturing regional economic integration, we agree that APEC should make more important and meaningful contributions as an incubator to translate the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) from a vision to reality. We reaffirm our commitment to the eventual FTAAP as a major instrument to further APEC's regional economic integration agenda.
12. 为此,我们决定启动并全面、系统地推进亚太自贸区进程。我们批准《亚太经合组织推动实现亚太自贸区北京路线图》(附件一)。我们决定通过实施路线图,加快努力,在完成现有路径基础上建成亚太自贸区。我们申明在本地区现有自贸安排基础上尽早建成亚太自贸区的目标。这将为亚太经济一体化、可持续增长和共同繁荣作出重要贡献。我们指示部长们和官员们实施具体行动,并报告成果和进展。 12. In this regard, we decide to kick off and advance the process in a comprehensive and systematic manner towards the eventual realization of the FTAAP, and endorse the Beijing Roadmap for APEC's Contribution to the Realization of the FTAAP (Annex A). Through the implementation of this Roadmap, we decide to accelerate our efforts on realizing the FTAAP on the basis of the conclusion of the ongoing pathways, and affirm our commitment to the eventual realization of the FTAAP as early as possible by building on ongoing regional undertakings, which will contribute significantly to regional economic integration, sustained growth and common prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region. We instruct Ministers and officials to undertake the specific actions and report the outcomes to track the achievements.
13. 我们欢迎贸易投资委员会建立关于加强区域经济一体化和推动亚太自贸区建设的“主席之友”工作组,敦促“主席之友”工作组继续开展工作。我们同意启动“实现亚太自贸区有关问题的联合战略研究”,指示官员们进行研究,咨询利益相关方,并在2016年底前报告研究成果。 13. We welcome the establishment of a Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI) Friends of the Chair Group on Strengthening Regional Economic Integration (REI) and Advancing FTAAP, and urge the Friends of the Chair Group to continue its work. We agree to launch a collective strategic study on issues related to the realization of the FTAAP, and instruct officials to undertake the study, consult stakeholders and report the result by the end of 2016.
14. 我们批准建立亚太经合组织自贸区信息交流机制。我们高度赞赏实施《亚太自贸区能力建设行动计划框架》所取得的进展,并批准《第二期亚太自贸区能力建设行动计划框架》。我们指示官员们设计富有针对性、量身定制式的能力建设活动,缩小亚太经合组织成员间能力差距,加速建成亚太自贸区。 14. We endorse the establishment of an APEC Information Sharing Mechanism on RTAs/FTAs. We highly commend the work on the implementation of the Action Plan Framework on Capacity Building Needs Initiatives (CBNI), and endorse the Action Plan Framework of the 2nd CBNI. We instruct officials to design targeted and tailor-made capacity building activities to narrow the gap of the capacities of APEC economies to facilitate the eventual realization of the FTAAP.
15. 与此同时,我们重申亚太经合组织在解决下一代贸易投资议题和部门倡议方面发挥的作用,并同意加速“边界上”贸易自由化便利化努力,改善“边界后”商业环境,加强“跨边界”区域联接,为实现亚太自贸区添砖加瓦。为此,我们将: 15. In addition to the above, we reaffirm the role of APEC in addressing next generation trade and investment issues and sectoral initiatives, and agree to accelerate "at the border" trade liberalization and facilitation efforts, improve the business environment "behind the border", and enhance regional connectivity "across the border" to accumulate more building blocks for the realization of the FTAAP. Therefore, we:
——重申我们2012年在符拉迪沃斯托克达成的在2015年底前将亚太经合组织环境产品清单实施关税降至5%或以下的承诺。我们呼吁各经济体加倍努力,实现经济和环境双重利益。我们指示官员明年在菲律宾会议上向我们报告这一重要承诺的实施进展。我们欢迎各成员为实施环境产品承诺开展的能力建设工作。 -- reaffirm our commitment to reduce applied tariffs to five percent or less by the end of 2015 on the list of environmental goods that we endorsed in 2012 in Vladivostok. We call upon all economies to redouble their efforts in order to realize the economic and environmental benefits. We will instruct officials to report progress in achieving this ground-breaking commitment at our meeting next year in the Philippines. We welcome the work on capacity building on Environmental Goods (EGs) commitment implementation;
——欢迎亚太经合组织环境产品和服务公私伙伴关系(PPP)举行以清洁和可再生能源为主题的首次会议,批准《亚太经合组织促进可再生和清洁能源贸易投资声明》。 -- welcome the inaugural meeting of the APEC Public Private Partnership on Environmental Goods and Services (PPEGS) on renewable and clean energy trade and investment, and endorse the APEC Statement on Promoting Renewable and Clean Energy (RCE) Trade and Investment;
——欢迎在探索促进可持续、包容性增长产品工作中取得的进展,将其作为农村发展和减贫的具体举措。 -- welcome the progress on exploring products which could contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth as part of our concrete commitment to rural development and poverty alleviation;
——批准《通过公私伙伴关系促进基础设施投资行动计划》,指示官员们采取切实举措,加强在公私伙伴关系领域的合作,促进更具活力和可持续的亚太基础设施投资和开发。 -- endorse the Action Agenda on Promoting Infrastructure Investment through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and instruct officials to take concrete actions to strengthen cooperation on PPP to promote more robust and sustainable infrastructure investment and development in the APEC region;
——欢迎亚太地区可持续投资案例研究有关工作,鼓励官员们审议已提名的案例并从中汲取经验和良好实践,促进可持续跨境投资。 -- welcome the Case Studies on Sustainable Investment in the APEC Region and encourage officials to consider and draw experience and good practices from the nominated cases to promote sustainable cross-border investment;
——批准《亚太经合组织跨境电子商务创新和发展倡议》,鼓励各经济体在自愿基础上指定或设立跨境电子商务创新和发展研究中心。 -- endorse the APEC Cross Border E-Commerce Innovation and Development Initiative and encourage economies to designate or establish Research Centers of Cross-border E-commerce Innovation and Development on a voluntary basis;
——认识到对包括商业秘密在内的知识产权的有效保护和实施对创新与外商直接投资具有激励和促进作用,也有利于通过许可和合伙形式促进技术传播。 -- recognize that the effective protection and enforcement of IPR including trade secrets incentivizes and facilitates innovation and foreign direct investment and the dissemination of technology through licensing and partnerships;
——批准《亚太经合组织广告标准制订与实践行动计划》,加强广告标准一致性,降低区内营商成本。 -- endorse the APEC Action Agenda on Advertising Standards and Practice Development to promote alignment of advertising standards and reduce the cost of doing business across the region;
——批准《亚太地区汽车产业可持续发展宣言》,欢迎2014年亚太经合组织电动汽车标准规制合作发展机制对话会成果。我们欢迎《亚太经合组织推动电动汽车广泛使用的行动》。 -- endorse the Asia-Pacific Region Automotive Industry Sustainable Development Declaration and welcome the outcomes of the 2014 APEC Regulatory Cooperation Advancement Mechanism (ARCAM) Dialogue on Electric Vehicle Standards. We welcome the APEC Actions to Promote the Widespread Usage of Electric Vehicles.

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