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Premier Li Keqiang meets the press

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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang speaks at a press conference after the closing meeting of the third session of the 12th National People's Congress (NPC) at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, March 15, 2015. [China.org.cn]



Huffington Post:

Big oil companies like Sinopec and PetroChina have been an obstacle to formulating and implementing the policies on environmental protection, especially in setting the quality standards of gasoline and promoting wider use of natural gas. Is it true that these companies are posing an obstacle to carrying out environmental protection policies? If so, what steps will the Chinese government take to remove such an obstacle?



Li Keqiang:

I understand the focus of all your questions is about tackling environmental pollution, especially smog, a concern that is uppermost on all people's minds. I want to tell you that the Chinese government is determined to tackle smog and environmental pollution as a whole, and tremendous efforts have been made in this regard. But the progress achieved still falls far short of the expectation of our people. Last year, I said that the Chinese government would declare war against environmental pollution. We are determined to carry forward our efforts until we achieve our goal.

治理要抓住关键,今年的要害就是要严格执行新出台的《环境保护法》。对违法违规排放的企业,不论是什么样的企业,坚决依法追究,甚至要让那些偷排偷放的企业承受付不起的代价。对环保执法部门要加大支持力度,包括能力建设,不允许有对执法的干扰和法外施权。环保等执法部门也要敢于担当,承担责任。对工作不到位、工作不力的也要问责,渎职失职的要依法追究,环保法的执行不是棉花棒,是杀手锏。We must get the focus of our efforts right. This year, our focus will be to ensure full implementation of the newly revised environmental protection law. All acts of illegal production and emissions will be brought to account. We will make the cost for doing so too high to bear. More support will be given to the law enforcement departments, such as in capacity building. No one must use his power to meddle with law enforcement. The law enforcement departments also need to have the courage to take charge and fulfill their due responsibilities. Laxity in law enforcement will be dealt with and dereliction of duties or abuse of office will be handled in accordance with the law. We must make sure that the law will work as a powerful and effective tool in fighting pollution instead of being as soft as cotton candy.
当然,治理是一个系统工程。我前天看到有个别媒体报道,说今年《政府工作报告》关于雾霾等环境污染治理的表述放在比较靠后的位置。我想说明,今年报告有很大的变化,就是我们把节能减排的指标和主要经济社会发展指标排列在一起,放在了很靠前的位置。报告里从调结构到提高油品生产和使用的质量等,都和治理雾霾等环境污染相关联,这是一个需要全社会人人有责的治理行动。当然,治理要有个过程,如果说人一时难以改变自己所处的自然环境,但是可以改变自己的行为方式。谢谢!To tackle environmental pollution is a systemic project that involves a lot of efforts across areas. A few days ago I came across a media report which said that in this year's government work report, the paragraph addressing environmental treatment came quite in the back. But I want to draw your attention to one big difference in this year's government work report. That is our targets for energy conservation and emission reduction are put together with all the major targets of economic and social development and they are together put in the front part of the report. Actually, many parts of the report, be it adjusting economic structure or improving the quality of fuel, all have something to do with environmental treatment. To tackle pollution takes a process and requires the joint efforts of the whole of society. It may be difficult for one to change the natural environment he lives in anytime soon, but one can always change the way he behaves.




As China's economic development enters a new normal, people are also thinking how we can bring our demographic scale and structure compatible with the new normal. Last year, married couples can have a second child if one of the parents is a single child. During this year's two sessions, many people are calling for fully lifting the second-child restrictions and this is also a hot topic during the two sessions. I would like to ask if this is one of the goals on the government's agenda in reforming its family planning policy. If so, is there a time table for that to happen?



Li Keqiang:

About China's population policy, as you said, from last year married couples can have a second child if one of the parents is a single child. Currently we are conducting a comprehensive review of how this policy has been implemented. Based on the outcome of this review and taking into account China's economic and social development and changes in our demographic structure, we will weight both the pros and cons, and make improvements and adjustments to our policy in accordance with legal procedures.



Asahi Shimbun:

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. I would like to ask your outlook on history, Mr. Premier. We have also seen that more Chinese tourists have traveled to Japan and bought a lot of things there, but the number of Japanese tourists visiting China as well as Japanese investment in China have both declined. How do you see such a situation? How do you view the possible impact of China's planned commemoration activities, including the military parade, on the sentiments of the Japanese people?



Li Keqiang:

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War. Not only China but also many countries in the world have planned to hold diverse forms of commemoration activities. The purpose of these activities is to firmly bear in mind the hard lessons gained from the past and ensure that that kind of history will never repeat itself. The purpose is to uphold the outcomes of the Second World War and the post-war international order and international laws so as to uphold enduring peace of mankind.

当前,中日关系的确比较困难,根子还是在于对那场战争、对历史的认识和能否始终保持正确的认识。坚持正确的历史观,就是要以史为鉴、面向未来。对于一个国家的领导人来说,不仅要继承前人所创造的成就,也应该担负起前人罪行所带来的历史责任。当年,日本军国主义强加给中国人民的那场侵略战争,给我们带来了巨大的灾难,最终日本民众也是受害者。在今年这样一个重要的时刻,我认为对中日关系既是检验,也是机遇。如果日本领导人正视历史,并且保持一贯,改善和发展中日关系就有新的契机,也自然会给中日经贸关系的发展创造良好的条件。谢谢!It is true that the current China-Japan relationship is in difficulty. The crux of the issue is how that war and that part of history are viewed. One needs to hold a right outlook on history, meaning one needs to take history as a mirror and look to the future. For leaders of a country, while inheriting the historical achievements made by their predecessors, they also need to shoulder the historical responsibilities for crimes committed by past generations. The war of aggression imposed on the Chinese people by the Japanese militarists brought untold sufferings, and the average people in Japan were also victims of that war. At such a critical moment this year, China-Japan relationship faces both a test and an opportunity. If leaders of Japan can face history squarely and maintain consistency in how they view that part of history, there will be a new opportunity for improvement and growth of China-Japan relations. It will also create favorable conditions for the growth of business relationship between the two countries.

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