Spring Festival 2009
China.org.cn provides assorted information of China's most important festival, Spring Festival in 2009.
Top entertainment moments of 2008
China.org.cn presents our exclusive lists of top 10 unforgettable films, records and events in 2008.
How Chinese's idols have changed
During China's 30 years of reform and opening-up, idols have played an important role.
CIGE 2008 online gallery
The 5th China International Gallery Exposition took place in Beijing in late April, 2008. China.org.cn would like to share its online gallery with our readers.
China's film industry in retrospective
China's film industry in retrospective
China's reopening to the world 30 years ago rejuvenated its movie business and provided it with a welcome opportunity to develop.
Chinese pop music since the 1980s
Looking back upon the past 30 years, China has undergone great changes in cultural life, as the nation's pop music reflects.
Beijing's chocolate chip cuckoos
The delightfully named Chocojing, dozens of chocolate lovers in Beijing, hold chocolate tastings monthly and explore the history and culture of chocolate.
Cheeky Monkey Theater presents Green Eyes on Chinese
Cheeky Monkey Theater presented its latest production, Green Eyes on Chinese, at Yigong Yushan on Thursday, November 20.
Do you want peas with your Picasso?
Ju Duoqi, a talented young Chinese artist, has recreated some of the masterpieces of western painting using…vegetables.
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