Sun Ping, a story of a 'dream catcher'
Sun Ping is a top Beijing Opera actress in China, a member of CPPCC, and a guest director of the Petofi Theater in Hungary.
Yanhuang Art Museum reopened
The newly-decorated Yanhuang Art Museum reopened on July 29 with an exhibition of painting collections by Huang Zhou, a celebrated Chinese painter and also the first curator of the museum.
FIT World Congress 2008
The 18th World Congress of the International Federation of Translators (FIT) will take place in China's most international city, Shanghai, in August.
Buddhist studies seminar
The 2008 Seminar on Buddhist Studies in Foreign Languages opens in Shanghai on the morning of July 9, 2008.
Photo exhibition: Foundations
Wen Fang always bears social reality in mind. Herein Pairs-Beijing Photo Gallery, she astonishes the audience with her innovative and inspiring use of cement bricks.
First Olympic music videos released
First Olympic music videos have been released.
Jet Li celebrates his charity efforts
Jet Li celebrated the first anniversary of philanthropic efforts by his charity foundation today in Beijing, China.org.cn witnessed.
China resolved despite attacks
"Our country, right or wrong," the American naval hero Stephen Decatur once proclaimed. This is what Chinese people, especially the young generation, believe now.
Learn Chinese calligraphy and painting
A Chinese calligraphy and brush painting program was designed for the students in the dual language program of Glenwood Elementary School, USA.
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