People in Focus
Wang talks English but it comes out as riddles
Talking in Chinese about his best-selling novel, English, Wang Gang describes life during the "cultural revolution" (1966-76) as "constant war, real or imagined, and nothing to eat".
Shoot for the stars
Shoot for the stars
"As a journalist we should not stop before we uncover the truth, but personally I felt it was improper to continue the spying," said paparazzo Zhuo Wei.
Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage journeys deeper into sci-fi
Nicolas Cage has battled terrorists, drug dealers, prisoners and even himself in a varied acting career, but in "Knowing," he may have met his toughest adversary yet -- Mother Nature.
Lu Chen
Lu's magical mysteries
The youthful Taiwanese illusionist, Lu Chen, has created a wave of awe among millions of viewers on the mainland with his inexplicable, close-up, sleight-of-hand magic tricks.
No blues when this pianist rhapsodizes
No blues when this pianist rhapsodizes
Jazz piano legend Makoto Ozone is about to hit Shanghai bringing his own style to the works of Gershwin in a special concert with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.
Making revolution on rice paper
Lu Chuntao successfully switched from traditional ink-wash painting to unconventional and startling ink wash about a rougher, more powerful nature.
Chen Kun
Lonely boy who changed his life
For a long time since his film debut in 1998, Chen Kun was known as just a beautiful face. The image was all too convenient.
Big talents working in miniature
Big talents working in miniature
Guo Zhijun and Ouyang Gang have the "magic" hands that can bring to life Shanghai's historic buildings. 
Interview with Bernard Haitink
Talk to principal conductor Bernard Haitink of the best-selling Chicago Symphony Orchestra, which is now in Beijing on a concert tour.
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