People in Focus
Versatile Tian enjoys options
The low-profile 24-year-old Tian Yuan has shown versatility in many fields, such as singing, acting, photography and novel writing.
'Golden Eyes' finds fortune
Hao Di, a 15-year-old archaeology prodigy, has been collecting rare antiques since he was 5.
Soul seeker of China's culture
Yu Qiuyu is perhaps one of the most outstanding and controversial scholars in China's world of literature.
Cultural figures of China in 2008
Based on the opinions of nearly 40,000 netizens and a jury, eight people were selected for their remarkable achievements in 2008.
Chan Laiwa
Knocking on wood!
With a lifelong passion for red sandalwood, Chan Laiwa built the museum in Beijing with an investment of $29 million a decade ago.
Tam Siu-cheong
Mapping the mind of man
If the name is anything to go by, Marcopolo Tam Siu-cheong is as much an adventurer as the 13th-century Venetian.
A reel pioneer
A reel pioneer
He's been called China's Guy Ritchie and likened to Quentin Tarantino, but his dream is to become the country's Steven Spielberg.
Yue-Sai, first lady of style
Yue-Sai, first lady of style
From a TV celebrity in the United States to a cosmetics queen in Asia and a lifestyle icon in China, Yue-Sai Kan has lived a busy, colourful life.
Lang Lang
Reliving his greatest hour
Lang Lang will return to the Olympic Green for a New Year concert with the Beijing Symphony Orchestra at the National Indoor Stadium.
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