Exhibition About Taiwan Scheduled

An exhibition showcasing Taiwan, the biggest and most comprehensive of its kind, will be held in Beijing from April 23 to May 7.

Organizers of the exhibition say they will use about 500 pictures, literary documents, and audio-visual products, aided by other modern display methods, to feature topics including Taiwan's history of being an inseparable part of China, a general introduction about Taiwan Island, the origin and nature of the Taiwan issue, the unswerving efforts by three generations of leaders of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in fulfilling the holy mission of realizing reunification of China, as well as the development of relations across the Taiwan Straits.

The exhibition will be jointly sponsored by the Taiwan Affairs Office, and the Information Office of the State Council, in cooperation with a number of other organizations including the Museum of the Chinese Revolution, China No.1 Historical Archives, and the Capital Iron and Steel Group.

(People’s Daily 04/19/2001)