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Death by Legal Injection: a Court Fosters Change
In Chinese culture, public executions have always been linked with such words as deterrent, taboo and terror. Putting the criminal to death in a painful way has since ancient times been a practice steeped in blood. Precisely because of this, when one hears the news that courts nationwide will implement the practice of putting the offender to death through lethal injection, one will feel from the depths of one's heart that society is progressing before our eyes. What follows is a report on how this reform came about - a chornicle of a difficult legal journey for historic change.

School Accidents: Who Can Be Blamed?
When an accident happens to a child in school, Chinese parents are more than likely to sue. But who is responsible, and should schools eliminate otherwise beneficial programs to avoid any risk of a possible lawsuit? The problem of how to protect the interests of both the family and the school is the subject of new legislation in Shanghai. (CIIC)

Revised Laws to Safeguard Rights
Innovators are to get extra protection from July 1 under the newly revised Patent Law which brings China more in line with international standards of protection.

Gestational Surrogacy Banned in China
After weighing testimony on legal and ethical issues surrounding assisted human reproduction, the Ministry of Health on March 5 decided to ban gestational surrogacy in regulations that will take effect on August 1.

Income Tax Reform a Hot Topic
Ever since the state is considering raising the income tax threshold by expanding the tax-free section, the issue has been debated heatedly in society.

Farmers to Take New Role in Law-making
China's legislation will seek advice from farmers in revising laws on land-requisition.

China to Draft Law on Private Schools
China is expected to draft its first law on private schools in the near future to give a boost to the healthy growth of such schools, which are expected to become an important part of the China educational system.

Privacy Key in Marriage Rule Revision
China is on track to update marriage regulation following the revision of the long-debated Marriage Law last month. The change in the regulation will give more privacy to individuals in divorces, an area of growing concern across the country.

New Elements in the Revised Marriage Law
After legislative and public debates for several years, the highly expected amendments to Marriage Law were finally passed by NPC, according to which family and women's rights will be better protected.

Securities Law Under Scrutiny
China's top legislative body will dispatch four groups of senior legislators to check the implementation of the 2-year-old Securities Law next week in preparation for future amendments. The inspection groups will visit Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Chengdu. Beijing, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Lanzhou and Harbin will conduct self-inspections on the performance of the law and report separately to the NPC Standing Committee.

Welfare Law to Guard Benefits
China is set to draft a new social security law in the next few years, which will be the biggest legal step ever made covering medical insurance, pensions and unemployment benefits.

Telecom Draft Law on the Right Tracks
China is busy paving the way for the debut of its long-anticipated law on telecommunications to strengthen the legal muscle of the fast-growing telecom and Internet markets, a move expected to appease global investors and extend legal shelter for domestic consumers.

Public Opinion Helps Make Better Laws
The unprecedented fervor seen in an open debate over draft amendments to the current Marriage Law mirrors the enhanced legal awareness of the Chinese public, according to a senior legislative official.

Legislative Motions Considered
Among a total of 1,040 motions in legislation received by an NPC special committee by March 10, some two-fifths deal with economic matters and many are evolved around citizens' hot issues. Here is an overview of some most noticeable motions.

More Changes Made to Joint Venture Law
More changes have been made to draft amendments to the Law on Chinese-foreign Equity Joint Ventures following scrutiny by nearly 3,000 NPC deputies at the ongoing fourth session of the Ninth National People's Congress (NPC), said Wang Weicheng Wednesday in Beijing.

Legislators Calls for AIDS-Prevention Law
China’s top legislative body needs to devise a law to curb the spread of AIDS, which is taking a firmer grip on the nation.

Law Assures Fight Against Torture in China
Opposing torture is a fundamental principle of Chinese legislation, and the Constitution, criminal law and criminal procedure law have specific provisions protecting citizens’ personal rights, said Dr. Xia Yong, deputy director of Law Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, during an interview with China Internet Information Center.

Marriage Law Attracts Public Attention
Seeking public opinion on draft amendments to the existing Marriage Law by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislative body, has met with a warm response, according to the NPC's general office.

Draft Stresses Prevention of Diseases
Employers in China must do more to prevent occupational diseases, according to a national law expected to be issued by the end of this year.

Vetoing a Court Report - Milestone in the Democratic Process
Professors with Renmin University Law School hailed the fact lawmakers in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, had voted down a work report delivered by the city people's court as a good phenomenon, a milestone event in the progress of democratic politics in China.

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