Most Taiwan Public Support Across-the-Straits Flights

Nearly 90 percent of Taiwan people support direct flights between the mainland and Taiwan if their safety can be assured, with 48 percent of them wishing it can happen as soon as possible, according to a poll, reported today.

The poll indicated that only 7.76 percent of Taiwan people were against the direct flight across the straits, and 83.47 percent of the interviewees said the direct flight can enhance the exchanges between both sides and help business as well.

Up to 57.9 percent of the interviewees said the flight should follow the mode of Macao and Hong Kong.

The benefits of Chinese people should be paid more attention to, and direct flights across the straits stand as the first step for both sides to enhance economic exchanges, said Wang Zuorong, ex-supervision-chief. After the economic exchanges, divergent ideas in political issues will be eliminated, he said.

( 05/17/2001)