Chinese Learning More Popular in France

May 19 saw 2001 Chinese Proficiency Examination (HSK, Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) being held simultaneously at four places in France with more than 400 persons taking part in it, the eighth time since the HSK was set up by China in 1994.

The year 1994 witnessed France initiate the HSK in Paris. At that time, there were only 50-odd examinees of elementary and medium levels, told Joel Bellassen, man in charge of HSK in France and also chairman of French Association of Chinese Professors. However, with the development of China's opening-up to the outside world, the Chinese learning has become increasingly popular in France.

Up till now, the total Chinese learners in this country have come to some 20,000 with the HSK serviced at various levels in Rennes, Bordeaux and Aix in addition to Paris.

(People's Daily 05/21/2001)

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