Veteran Officials Hold Forum to Mark Tibet's Liberation Anniversary

Retired Veteran officials held a forum in this capital of Tibet Monday to mark the 50th anniversary of the region's peaceful liberation.

Attending the symposium were veteran soldiers and officials who made a great contribution to Tibet's socialist revolution and construction.

Qinraojiachu,the Deputy Head of regional Publicity Department and Gunga, former deputy director of the NPC of Maizhokunggar County delivered speeches in the forum.

According to them, Since Tibet was liberated peacefully 50 years ago, it has experienced sweeping changes and advanced from the dark to the bright, from the backward to the progressive, form the ignorant to the civilized, from poverty to prosperity and from being closed to being open up.

They noted that without the Communist Party of China's leadership, serfs would have not been liberated or become the master of the nation. Only under the Communist Party of China's leadership, has Tibet been able to achieve economic growth, a stable situation, social progress and unity of ethnic groups, and consolidate borders.

Addressing the forum, Raidi, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Regional People's Committee said:" Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, Tibet experienced peaceful liberation, carried out democratic reform and strode from the feudal-serf system to the socialism society. Viewing human history, no nationality has ever experienced such a great stride in social development."

He added:" Without the CPC Central Committee's concern and correct leadership, without the selfless support of the people across the country, Tibet would not have scored tremendous achievements."

The enduring meritorious service offered by veteran officials for Tibet's liberation and construction will go down in history and will never be forgotten by Tibetans, he said.

After the forum, the officials danced and sang in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Tibet's peaceful liberation.

(People's Daily 05/22/2001)

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