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Wuhan to Cooperate with US in Developing Speciaized Chip

Wuhan Science Researching Institute of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and Agilent Technologies of US silicon valley has inked a deal to develop a kind of chip specialized in communication of internet.

This specialized chip representing the top internet communication level has adopted a new technological standard, which has been put forward to the international telecommunication union by Wuhan Science Researching Institute on the behalf of China and ratified formally.

Specialists said that this kind of chip has the characteristics of high efficiency and swift speed, which make it possible to resolve efficiently and economically the problems of the width of internet and the acceleration of getting online speed.

Its practical efficiency is 200 times of that of the present ISDN, and the getting online speed is 700 times faster than the present available equipment.

It is estimated by the insiders that the market of this chip and equipment will exceed USD 10 billion.

(people’s Daily 09/07/2000)

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