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Zhang Yimou and 2008 Olympic Games

Zhang Yimou, Chinese famous film director who has not shown up for several months, accepted the interview of the Dragon News Net and Beijing Cable TV on September 16 and answered their questions about his on-going film about Beijing's application for the 2008 Olympic Games.

"Weather is Very Helpful"

Sitting in the space among the buildings of the International Financial Center, Zhang is enjoying the mild sunshine and the beautiful weather. He told the reporters that the weather is so fine that the outside work was carrying on very smoothly.

How to Understand "New Beijing, New Olympics"?

To this question, Zhang said that foreigners had been so deeply impressed by Beijing''s ancient buildings and long history that they refused to accept it as a new and young city full of energy and vitality.

He added that Beijing had modern buildings as well as the ancient historical sites such as the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. The towering mansion of the International Financial Center, the specially-designed skyscrapers and even the young men roller-skating in the space between the buildings are energetic enough to show the vitality of this city.

The great director was quite optimistic: "It is my aim to present a new and energetic Beijing."

Four Episodes of the Application Film

There are four episodes in Beijing's application: the Sydney episode, the Statement, the Report and the Final. Each of them is independent, yet sometimes overlapping in content. The length is also different. The part about Sydney is about 4 minutes, the Statement about 8 to 10 minutes, the Report about 20 minutes and the Final lasts for only 5 minutes.

Each episode has its own purpose. The Sydney is to provide an on-the-spot publicizing of Beijing's application during the Sydney Olympics. The Statement introduces Beijing to the officials in the Olympic Committee. The Report is to be shown for the inspectors from the Committee and the Final is really decisive because it will be sent to Moscow next July for the final decision of the Committee Members.


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