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CSA Reiterates No Compromise on Steroid Use

After Chinese swimming star Wu Yanyan was fined and banned, a variety of rumors have appeared in the Internet.

The Chinese Swimming Association (CSA) addressed this issue and reiterated that no matter how famous the athlete is, he will be punished sternly once he has tested positive for steroid use. The CSA maintains principles which absolutely do not compromise on the use of steroids.

In a special interview with the Chinese Sport Newspaper, a Chinese swimming official said, on the issue of banning stimulants, the CSA follows the "three strict" policy and "four no uses" principles established by the Chinese Olympic Games Association. The punishment for athletes or coaches caught using banned substances is based on "The CSA carrying out the detailed rules stipulated by the National Sports Office and International Swimming Association", which are inflexible. It is not a matter of Chinese beating down Chinese.

The official said, the problem of stimulants must be completely eradicated. No matter how famous the athlete is, regardless if he or s is world champion or a world record holder, once he or she is tested positive, he or she must be punished. This is to protect the players as well as in the nation's best interest. It would harm the nation's image and interests greatly as well as obstruct the development of Chinese swimming.

He also said that since the CSA punished Wu Yanyan for testing positive, the foreign media has praised the CSA. It proves that the CSA position on stimulant use is steadfast, even in dealing with famous athletes.

(People's Daily)

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