Government to Send over 1,000 People To Study Abroad

Some 1,747 Chinese have got State-sponsored scholarships this year and will pursue further study in 48 countries in the coming two years, said an official from China Scholarship Council Monday. He said about 3,500 Chinese have applied for state-sponsored scholarships this year. Most of them came from Chinese colleges, factories, and research institutes.

Over 70 percent of the Chinese who will pursue state-sponsored studies hold masters or above degrees. The China Scholarship Council will make public those who have been awarded scholarships in the Overseas Chinese Scholar magazine and then send out admission letters.

Statistics showed that during the 1995-1999 period, the Chinese government selected 10,180 students to study abroad. By June 30, 1999, the government sponsored 7,500 people to study abroad, with 90.9 percent of the students already back home.

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