800,000 Internet Users In Beijing

First half year statistics show that Beijing telecommunications have developed at the medium developing countries' level during the same period. On the average, every Beijingese should be in a way to have a phone and Internet users have come to a total of 794,500.

By the end of June this year, telephone exchanges have already been operating with a total capacity of as many as 7,703 million of phones, including 5.823 million on public networks. Urban phone users number 4.108 million including 345,400 of new users in first half year.

Beijing's telephone coverage has been as a whole at a popularization rate of 37.31 wires per hundred people, of which urban users are at a rate of 46.51 wires per hundred. Internet users total 794,500 surfing online for an average of 19.81 hours, about 40 minutes everyday for each person in June, in addition to 71,200 ISDN users, including 59,800 new surfers from January to June.

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