“Half the Sky” in Jiangsu

The women in Jiangsu, a coastal province in east China, are now very active in many fields such as local government departments, business and academic bodies.

By the end of last year, the number of women provincial leaders in Jiangsu had increased from one to three. In 13 town governments and 108 county governments, there is at least one leading post for women. About 45 percent of the province’s county governments are dominated by women.

Nearly 80 percent of the province’s enterprises and research institutes have women leaders. In addition, among managers and directors of county-level enterprises, 32 percent are women.

In Nanjing and Tongzhou cities, a recent survey of more than 60 factories and enterprises with women managers showed that most of them are famous for being profitable and good management.

Among the province’s total professional and technical staff, 40 percent are women; among people with senior professional titles, 22.36 percent are women; and among those with semi-senior professional titles, 31.72 percent are women. These advances in the careers and status of women have come about as a result of Jiangsu’s efforts to promote women to leading positions in all fields.

Meanwhile, women’s federations at all levels pursue policies and measures advantageous to women. Women leaders are promoted on the principle of openness, equality and competition. Well-organized and continuous introduction and training have produced women leaders who have proved equal to various kinds of jobs.

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