Half of Chinese Advocate Restriction on Rising Divorces

Worried about the rising divorce rate, more and more Chinese are in favor of setting tougher laws.

A recent survey by the All-China Women's Federation shows that 47.6 percent of the 4,000 men and women surveyed agree with tougher laws against divorces, while only 27 percent disagree.

The poll was conducted over 10 provinces and provides information for Revision of China's 1980 Marriage Law.

China's divorce rate has been rising at an annual rate of 9.08 percent. In 1999, 1.19 million people divorced.

Couples who want to separate may either sign divorce letters prepared by themselves or go to court. However, 55.3 percent of the respondents said divorce is too easy in China because the only statutory condition is the "breakdown of mutual affection."

More than 80 percent said clear stipulations on conditions for divorce should be listed in the Marriage Law.

ACWF has proposed the following amendments:

-- Those who are physical handicapped are not allowed to marry;

-- Marriage arranged by parents without agreement of one or both partners;

--Those who live separately for more than one year and half because of bad relations;

-- One side has been engaged in adultery or illicit affairs;

-- One side has committed bigamy; and

-- Those abused or abandoned without being provided with financial assistance.

(People’s Daily)

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