China to Further Readjust Agricultural Mixture

China will make further efforts to readjust the mixture of its agriculture in the coming years so as to adapt to economic globalization and the effects of China's entry into the World Trade Organization, a high-ranking official said Sunday in Harbin.

Liu Chengguo, vice-minister of agriculture, said that the readjustment also aims to enhance the competitiveness of China's farm produce on the international market, increase farmers' incomes and strengthen agriculture's pillar status in China's economy.

At a symposium on agricultural cooperation across the Taiwan Straits, Liu said modern agriculture is expected to be promoted in the coastal areas and the suburbs of large cities in east China so as to turn out more export-oriented farm produce with high added value.

In central China, he said, large-scale and high-yielding commodity grain and fodder production and processing bases are to be set up, while in western China, high-efficiency agriculture based on environmental protection and water saving is to be established.

He said that the state would rationally reduce the growing area for cotton, sugar and tobacco on the basis of stabilizing high-yielding and high-quality cotton and sugar fields.

At the symposium, Liu also expounded the state's policies on reducing the areas of low-yielding grain and cotton, developing cattle-raising projects, popularizing agricultural technologies and diversifying farm produce varieties.

(People’s Daily)

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