Human Genetic Research Center Set up in Yunnan

A human genetic research center has been set up in Yunnan University in Yunnan Province of southwest China, where the Yuanmou Man, the earliest mankind found so far in Asia, was discovered.

The center's head said it will try to make breakthroughs in studies of human origin, variance of relations between ethnic groups, and genetic diseases.

Boasting the richest botanic and animal resources in the country, Yunnan also enjoys the largest number of ethnic groups in China.

Rich genetic resources are well preserved in the province for it is relatively occluded geographically and so it is reputed as the "Land of Human Genetic Resources".

The South Center of the National Human Genes Program has decided that the center will take charge of one research program of the year. Shanghai's Fudan University, taking a lead in genetic studies, has signed a cooperative agreement with the center to jointly establish a research lab on human group genetics, according to the head.

(People's Daily)

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