China to Build 20 New Cities Every Year

China is planning to set up 20 new cities annually in the coming 20 years, according to an article published in the latest issue of "Outlook Weekly".

The article, written by Minister of Civil Affairs Doje Cering, states the plan will help improve the urbanization of China's rural areas.

Doje Cering said that in the coming two decades, about 12 million people from China's rural areas will move to urban areas annually. Therefore, 20 new cities need to be set up.

Only counties with more than 50 percent urban residents can be approved as cities. China set up more than 400 county-level cities in the past decade.

The article points out that more cities should be set up in the country's central and western areas, which is the requirement of future and nationwide city layout planning.

Stress should be given to large and medium-sized cities with obvious regional and infrastructure advantages.


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