51-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth to Test Tube Baby

A 51-year-old Chinese woman in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality gave birth to a test tube female baby, weighing three kilograms, Thursday afternoon.

Both the mother and daughter are in good condition, according to doctors in the hospital.

The mother is one of the oldest people to receive a test tube pregnancy and successfully giving birth to a baby in China.

The mother once had a daughter who died in a traffic accident when she was 18 years old after she had passed the entrance examination of the university.

The broken-hearted mother was longing for another child, and asked help from the birth research institute of the Chongqing Women and Children Health Care Hospital.

Doctors embedded four embryos into the woman who had entered menopause for one year, and the mother was placed in intensive care to ensure a healthy birth.

The Chongqing Women and Children Health Care Hospital was one of the three hospitals that have over 100 successful test tube baby operations in China.

(Xinhua 12/01/2000)

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