Lhasa Evening Online Launched

Lhasa Evening Online was launched on November 28. It is to be run in the way outsiders throughout the world can speedily get a rich supply of information about social and economic life, local customs, conditions and developments of Lhasa, known as the “roof of the world”.

Lhasa Evening is the parental paper of Lhasa Evening Online. With the launching of Lhasa Evening Online people will also gain easy access to a panorama of life outside Lhasa.

Lhasa Evening was started on July 1, 1985. By now, it has become a bilingual paper (in Tibetan and Chinese), with a nationwide circulation in Tibet. But releasing news from the “roof of the world” has always been “behind” other domestic counterparts in China. In contrast, with Lhasa Evening Online now at their service people will no longer worry about early news releases in late hours.

To provide online service to a wide readership, it is reported, Lhasa Evening Online has put on various colorful programs, such as “Latest News of Tibet”, “Business”, “About Tibet”, “Ethnic groups”, “Sunlight Travel” etc.

China has created a media network in the Tibet Autonomous Region to help spread information and the central government’s policies.

“Tibet has a complete modern system of newspapers, radio and television stations, employing more than 1,600 journalists,” said Gou Tianlin, a publicity official of the region.

(People’s Daily 11/30/2000)

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