Over 1.66 Billion Passengers Expected to Travel in Coming Spring Festival

A total of 1.66 billion Chinese are expected to shuttle to and from all over the country in the first Spring Festival of the new century.

The Spring Season Transport will last 40 days starting from January 9 and ending in February 17, 2001, as defined by the State Economic and Trade Commission.

Some 134 million passengers will take train for travel, up 2.7 percent over that of last year, while the passenger flow for highways and airplanes will respectively reach 1.49 billion and 7.3 million, a rise of 2.6 percent and 3.3 percent. Those who choose to board on ships are expected to reach 29 million, 1.5 percent down from last year.

A transport rush occurs around the Chinese traditional Spring Festival every year because most people who work and study outside will return home.

An increasing number of people also choose to travel around the country during the festival.

(People’s Daily 12/05/2000)

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