A Worsening Eco-Environment Curbed

Xie Zhenhua, director of the State Environmental Protection Administration, said on December 3 that China has put a complete curb on a worsening situation of environment pollution.

Xie said that environment protection work has been well launched on a large scale centering on China’s heartland, rivers, land basins, river valleys and cities set during the 9th Five-Year Plan period. People have been seen to live with an improved environment in some areas as a result of enhanced work done for environmental protection in recent three years.

Xie said that China’s environment protection in the five years to come is a 10 percent cut of sulfur dioxide, dirt, industrial dust and solid waste in addition to a controlled amount of heavy metal, cyanide and oil in industrial waste water and a safe treatment of dangerous wastes.

China has gone into cooperation with Japan, Germany, Norway and the US to better control environmental pollution.

(People’s Daily 12/05/2000)

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