Beijing Starts Construction of New Subway Line

The experimental section of the Beijing No.5 Subway Line, which will link the northern suburb with the southern suburb in Beijing, began construction Monday.

The No.5 Subway line starts from Songjiazhuang in Fengtai District in the south and ends at Taipingzhuang of Changping County in the north. The 27.7-kilometer line consists of underground, ground and elevated sections.

Construction of the experimental section takes the method of shield-driven tunneling, without dismantling ground buildings.

The north-south subway will intersect with the loop line and another east-west subway line upon completion. It is expected to transport over 500,000 passengers a day.

Urban rail transportation in Beijing is to consist of 13 artery lines and two lateral lines with a total length of 408 kilometers. Half of Beijing's public transport users are expected to travel by rail when the lines are completed.

(People's Daily 12/08/2000)

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