30 Satellites to Be Launched in Next Five Years

China will launch some 30 satellites and several other spacecraft during the next five years.

According to sources from relevant departments, the 30 satellites cover 15 different categories including communication, positioning, meteorology, earth resource observation as well as space exploration.

Statistics show that since China’s maiden satellite launch in April 1970, 73 more satellites have been sent into space, of which, 47 were made in China. Total launch success rate was over 90 percent.

China is expected to witness faster growth in the space industry in the 21st century. Starting from next year, China will launch several unmanned spacecraft before putting manned spacecraft into orbit.

Astronauts are currently being trained in China and relevant experiments are being conducted, sources noted.

China has made considerable progress in the space industry, which, in return, has greatly contributed to the national economic development and scientific and technological advancement.

In 1992, China kicked off an ambitious space program to develop manned spacecraft. In November 1999, the first unmanned experimental spacecraft, “Shenzhou”, was successfully launched.

(People’s Daily 12/13/2000)

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