Exploring Mysteries of the Sanxingdui Mound

Inner exploration for Sanxingdui, the 9th wonder in the world, was officially carried out on December 4. According to resources, the exploration gets a smooth development. Archaeological team dug 20 or 30-cm-deep pits in the area of 500 square meters. They found pieces of pottery and the value needs further confirmation of experts. But one thing is for certain---there buries rich cultural relics. Those undisclosed mysteries would be known with further exploration.

It is the last time to make a large-scale exploration for Sanxingdui in this century. On December 1, the State Cultural Relics Bureau assigned the exploration mission and on December 4, Sanxingdui relics work team of Sichuan Institute of Cultural Relics Archaeology, went to the exploration site---Yueliangwan, for it is the historical record palace of the inner city of ancient Shu Kingdom.

The former exploration has shocked the world. And archaeologists predicted present exploration----the palace relics of ancient Shu Kingdom 4,000 year ago and some very precious cultural relics will probably be unearthed, the cultural origin of Sanxingdui and its relations with Chinese culture, and its mysterious disappearance possibly will get a scientific explanation.

CCTV will have a live telecast for its exploration to the world on Dec. 17.

(Sichuan News Net 12/06/2000)

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