Ethnic Minority Group Steps Up Industrialization

The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, major home for China's largest ethnic minority of Zhuang, has stepped up industrialization.

According to an official source, the region has become the largest sugar production base and one of the most important industrial bases for construction materials, non-ferrous metal and machinery in China.

The Zhuang people have a total population of more than 17 million. The autonomous region is relatively less industrialized compared with other regions and provinces. Some 40 years ago, the region could not manufacture even a tractor.

"We have decided to step up our industrialization in the new century," said a senior Guangxi official.

According to the official, Guangxi will put its emphasis on such industries like automobiles, machinery, sugar-making, construction materials, nonferrous metal, chemicals, textiles and light industry.

At the same time, the region will also give priority to the development of electronic information, bio-engineering, new materials and environmental protection technologies.

(Xinhua 12/19/2000)

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